Best Places You Can Visit In Cochin


Kerala is one of the most beautiful and exciting travel destinations you can visit in India. Cochin is a trendy place in the state of Kerala. The places you can visit in Cochin are really captivating and leave you with beautiful memories. Situated in the South – West coast, Cochin enjoys pleasant weather and brings together the perfect blend of culture, heritage, and traditions.

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Search for agencies that offer car rental in Kochi and check out these top places to visit in Cochin.

Chottanikara Bhagavathy Temple – a very renowned and auspicious temple; this is one of the most popular Hindu temples in South India. Aged more than 1500 years, the temple houses Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Amman and the Keezhu Kaavu Bhadrakali Amman. Both of them are considered healing goddesses, and according to the local customs, when people worship the goddesses, they help keep them safe from any life-threatening illness. You can rent a vehicle from an agency that offers car rental in Kochi and take a long drive till here.

Folklore Museum – for all art lovers, the Folklore Museum is a must-visit. The museum is dedicated to the Cochin Folk Art, Tribal Art, Anthropology, Cochin Local History, and many other aspects of South Indian heritage. The museum was established by Mrs. & Mr. George Thaliath. Over the years, the museum has been significant in the development of art education in Kerala’s entire state. You can find very rare artifacts like the Sri Guruvayurappan, Lord Brahma, oil on canvas paintings, kind, and various other ancient paintings and art.

Andhakaranazhi Beach – absolutely gorgeous and a very exciting place to be in Cochin, the Andhakaranazhi Beach is always adored by tourists from across the globe. If you love watching sunsets, then no other place than this beach offers such dramatic scenes in Cochin. It draws several tourists every year and is situated around 4 km from Pattanakkad. Many Malayalam films are also shot here, so you have a high chance of coming across one. Opt for a car rental service in Kochi and visit this amazing beach for a fantastic getaway.

Santa Cruz Basilica – This is one of the only 8 Basilicas in the whole of Kerala. This place is certainly one of the most visited spots in Cochin. The importance of the heritage around this place is quite a lot more than other destinations. The Basilica reflects grand architecture and gothic style paintings that are a treat for the eyes. The Portuguese established the Basilica when Cochin was their colony. The main altar of this beautiful Basilica was painted by an Italian Painter, Fr. Antonio Moscheni, on stained glass.

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So, these are some of the top places you can visit in Cochin next time. Other sites like Athirapally Falls and the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary are also outstanding tourist locations. Get in touch with a company offering car rental packages and travel the entire city with convenience in your favorite luxury car.

As the tourists say, Kochi is a must-visit to understand the culture of God’s own country.

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