Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

Camp When You Can Glamp

There is nothing quite like getting out in nature and connecting to the planet and reconnecting to yourself. Sleeping under the stars and exploring the lush land is truly a wonderful experience. However, not everyone is immediately “at one” with nature. If you love being outside but don’t love the pains of setting up camp or sleeping on hard ground, it’s time to take your camping to the next level.

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It’s time for you to try glamorous camping, also known as glamping.

Shower in Style

Just because you are out in the natural world, that doesn’t mean you have to bathe in a river. There is nothing wrong with choosing to cleanse yourself in the river, of course, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to take your glamp game up a notch, consider renting mobile showers for your adventure. Once you experience the convenience of having a shower trailer on your trip, it will be hard to go glamping without one.

Sleep in Luxury

Not all people can afford a fully-loaded RV or a fully-furnished yurt to sleep in, but that doesn’t mean you have to slumber in agony. Consider adding comfort to your outdoorsy endeavor by packing luxury pillows and organic bedding. Bring a lavender-scented spray to spritz on your bedding and soak in the relaxation. If you are using a tent but want to make it fancier, invest in a plush sleeping pad or a cushioned cot. A solid and comfortable base for your sleeping area is crucial for achieving glamping status. As an added option, find a cozy hammock you can use to relax in during the day.

Bask in Beauty

Exploring the wild and wonderful outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite creature comforts. You can elevate your camping space to a glamping space with simple touches that make it feel more like home. Consider bringing twinkling string lights or solar-powered lanterns for an aura of rustic warmth. Find some fresh flowers to use as accents in your tent or campground. Add rugs to keep your feet warm and perhaps a small mirror or art pieces to hang on a wall or even on a tree. Bringing small pieces of your home out will maximize the ambiance of your setup.

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While “roughing it” may be the preferred method for some campers, there is nothing wrong with glamping. You can have the best of both worlds with some tweaks to your routine.

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