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You will never run out of things to do in Warsaw, but it can be difficult to decide which attractions are the most important. The problem becomes even more complicated when you consider how much time you have for sightseeing. Furthermore, you can read our article on the website to know about traveling, resorts and destination. What is worth seeing in the capital? Here’s couple of suggestions.

The Royal Baths

The Royal Łazienki Park is one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. It is also an oasis for Warsaw residents who want to escape from reality. This magical place was created by Stanislaw August and transformed into his summer residence during his reign in the 17th century. Today, there are many historical monuments here, including: Myślewicki Palace or Amphitheatre.

The Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science is a monument to Warsaw’s controversial but undoubtedly world-class architecture. It remains the tallest building in Poland at 144 metres high. If you like looking at cities from above, check out what’s at the top: stunning views of the urban space, including some fantastic monuments, are available from a vantage point on the 30th floor.

Warsaw Rising Museum

The Warsaw Rising Museum, with its distinctive Wall of Remembrance, is a place that collects valuable exhibits related to the activities and history of the Polish Underground State. There are many attractions waiting for visitors to the museum, such as the Freedom Park with its 6-metre-high wall in the shape of a sailing ship, which commemorates every freedom fighter killed during World War II, and this is only part of the exhibition.

Walks along the Vistula

Along the Vistula, there are floating harbours from which you can cross by free ferry during the summer. Along this promenade, which stretches for several kilometres along the downtown riverbank, there are excellent places to relax and enjoy the viewpoints, as well as to use trampolines or sports facilities. In addition, there is a statue of the famous mermaid.

Koszyki Hall – food and shopping

The newly renovated Koszyki Hall is one that visitors should not miss when in Warsaw. Built over a hundred years ago, this meeting space, popular with young people and adults, was originally created as an open market, where goods from all over the world could be sold or bought inside. For more information, kindly visit this dedicated website: It was renovated in 2012!

You definitely won’t be bored in Warsaw. You can spend a crazy weekend here, but also stay for much longer. You will surely find many attractions and things to do in Warsaw –

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