4 Restaurants in Bangalore Where You Don’t Have To Count Calories Before Eating


Our modern lifestyle requires us to be constantly on the run and deal with a lot of mental and physical stress. Given the fast-paced life, quite a few important aspects of our lives end up being ignored. Bangalore is one of the metro cities that have a large diaspora of working professionals who travel long distances for work, put in insane hours in office and end up leading a sedentary lifestyle.

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This regime has led to a rise in the demand for healthy and wholesome food. Especially for those living away from home, eating out becomes a routine. But with the shift towards nutritious food, ordering food has become a luxury. Preparations at hotels and restaurants include excessive oil and butter content which often prove unhealthy for everyone. The awareness has compelled a number of places to introduce healthy food options and dietary meals on their menu. The food has become so popular that even the hotels for corporate events in Bangalore have started putting this option on their platters.

A number of eating joints in Bangalore are moving onto the trend of healthy eating and have options which would allow you to binge on your dishes guilt free.

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They are the ideal place for fitness freaks and foodies alike.

Health Zingo, Bellandur

The place has a lot of healthy options to choose from. Paranthas stuffed with tofu and masala dosa made with organic rice are a few examples of how Indian dishes can be made healthier. You can also choose from a variety of healthy juices to slurp on.

Brekkie, Indiranagar

It is a one of its kind outlet in Bangalore that provides you with healthy and wholesome breakfast options. It has a different menu everyday which includes a main and a side dish along with a yummy treat! Pancakes, poha, idli and rolls are some of the options available.

The Gateway All Day Café, Residency Road

A popular place among the calorie conscious, this 24*7 café uses active ingredients to prepare its meals – food that gives you balanced energy throughout the day. This is an ideal choice for those watching their weight. The menu beautifully incorporates continental dishes like cereal, museli, egg white omelet with Indian staples such as ragi idli, multigrain dosa and broken-wheat upma.

Yogisthaan, Indranagar

This place offers a range of natural, healthy food including fresh salads, brown rice, quinoa-based dishes, and whole wheat pasta among other options. Their specialty is the yogi’s breakfast of amaranth seeds. You can also sign up for a yoga class or regular sessions at the place!

It is no longer difficult to come by healthy food options even while you’re out and about. Bangalore has a variety of places you can find matches for your dietary needs. A visit to the city is no longer a barrier to continue your diet. Book your stay at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore and experience a luxurious visit. Mentioned among the top 10 conventional hotels in Bangalore, the hotel goes to great lengths to ensure a comfortable and lavish time for all its visitors.

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