3 Scuba Gear Maintenance Tips


Keeping your scuba gear in good working order is one of the most important aspects of safe diving practices. Consider incorporating these three scuba gear maintenance tips into your diving routine.

1. Clean Your Gear Post-Dive

Saltwater can corrode metal components and cause plastic and rubber components to crack. Additionally, leaving your equipment dirty can lead to mildew growth. Every time you dive, you should rinse all your gear with fresh water before you put it in storage. A small amount of unscented shampoo or a dive wash can be useful for cleaning some components. Compressed gas near me Jacksonville AR, can be used to clean scuba tanks. Wet suit shampoos are available to safely clean your wetsuit or drysuit.

2. Store Your Gear Properly

You should pack your gear loosely after use to avoid bending or crushing components. Gear that is stored stuffed into a small bin or folded can become warped out of shape. Tanks should never be stored empty or full. A tank with no pressure is prone to taking in moisture and contaminants and may crack if stored empty for a long time. It is recommended that you store your tanks at 300 to 500 psi and place them in a location where they are unlikely to be knocked over or bumped into.

3. Inspect Your Equipment

Before you go diving, you should always examine your equipment for cracks, tears or other damage. Take a few breaths from your regular to ensure it is working properly. Check the last inspection date on your tanks. If your tanks have an expired inspection date, you will need to get them inspected before your next dive. It can be a good idea to have all of your equipment professionally inspected at least once per year.

Properly functioning equipment is vital to a safe and enjoyable diving trip. These maintenance tips can help you keep your equipment in good shape.

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