3 Ways to Build Camaraderie at Work

Build Camaraderie

Every business owner knows operations significantly improve when the employees have good morale. Morale is strengthened when friendships blossom. If your business is new, and your finding employee relationships aren’t quite clicking, here are some tips to get the camaraderie blossoming. 

1. Employee Challenges

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? While presenting a challenge may appear to pit employees against each other, it actually works to create friendships from that rivalry. Consider offering a wellness challenge. During breaks, watch as employees start taking walks together and share their own wellness tips. 

2. Keep Them in the Loop

Being transparent with employees can make them feel secure in their positions. When employees feel secure, they are less likely to feel threatened. You can keep employees in the loop by allowing them to share in the decision-making.

Also, make sure everyone has the most recent company goals and access to the business plan. When everyone has buy-in, everyone is working toward a common goal and purpose, and everyone feels responsible for the business. 

3. Make Time Outside of Work

Camaraderie can happen outside of the workplace as well. Host an after-work happy hour, or recruit volunteers to donate time for a non-profit. Getting together outside of work strengthens relationships inside work. 

Support employees who want to host extracurricular activities, such as bowling, or forming a softball team. It creates a good work-life balance for employees, especially those that aren’t typically active outside of work. 

The health and happiness of employees are essential to the success of any business. The next time you update your business plan as well as your business budget, be sure to include activities that strengthen the relationships inside the workplace. When employees build friendships inside the workplace, it’s a win-win situation from entry-level positions all the way through management.  To learn more about project management win-win scenarios visit this website:

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