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4 Additions to Take Your Backyard Entertaining to the Next Level

Backyard Entertaining

More people are choosing to entertain friends and families outdoors. However, if you are new to hosting gatherings outside, you may need some direction to make your yard more visitor friendly. These four additions can help turn an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary one. 

1. Covered Sitting Areas

This is an excellent addition that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Covered patios, gazebos or pergolas all provide shelter from inclement weather while also giving a little relief from the hot summer sun. With all the options on the market, it is easy to find one that fits your backyard design and your budget. 

2. A Complete Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is one of the most valuable tools for families who do a lot of backyard entertaining. It helps keep everything and everyone outside, so people aren’t constantly going back and forth. It also streamlines the cooking process by letting you store, prep, cook and clean up food in one place. Talk to an outdoor kitchen builder North Carolina about available features you might want to include in your design. 

3. A Custom Pool and Cabana

If you want to splurge on something that is both beautiful and functional, consider investing in a custom pool and backyard cabana. They will provide hours of use through the warmer weather while also serving as a focal point for entertaining. Equip the cabana with a shower and restroom to reduce the number of trips that dripping swimmers make in and out of the house. 

4. Integrated Technology

There are so many creative ways to include technology in your backyard design. Consider incorporating features like weatherproof speakers, color-changing lights and an outdoor TV to create a functional and modern outdoor entertaining space.

Even the most neglected yard can be turned into an entertaining paradise with some effort. Covered sitting areas, integrated technology and outdoor kitchens improve functionality. A custom pool and cabana add a flair of elegance and encourage physical activity. 

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