5 New Tech Trends Impacting the Automotive Industry

Tech Trends

Every year there are technology conferences for nearly every industry imaginable, including technology in healthcare, finance, insurance, education, and more. The automotive industry is a powerful player in the global economy, yet it has taken some time for technology trends to make their way into this industrial juggernaut. Here are five new tech trends impacting the automotive industry today:

1. 4D Audio

One of the most welcomed trends for customers these days is an upgraded audio experience inside their cars, including the implementation of 4D audio by Mercedes, in partnership with Apple and Universal.

This sound experience lets passengers and drivers feel the beat and rhythm of the music in their bodies from speakers planted inside their seats. This new technology will certainly pop up soon in new RAM, Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge models you see for sale, as consumers continue looking for better audio experiences.

2. External Sensors

The invention of external sensors has completely changed the future of automobiles. External sensors allow cars to utilize self-driving technology safely. These sensors are designed to sense their surroundings with the highest accuracy so that the car’s internal driving system software can respond quickly.

Without top-quality external sensors, car manufacturers would not be able to work towards building better and safer self-driving vehicles.

3. In-Car Subscriptions

A new trend that is proving to be somewhat controversial with consumers is in-car subscription services. Carmakers have been inspired by tech giants, such as Amazon and Apple, that regularly use subscription services as a profitable revenue stream.

When it comes to vehicles, car manufacturers want to explore the possibility of getting consumers to pay for software upgrades and digital services after purchasing a car. Services might include gaming, video streaming image qualit y, sound quality, and more.

4. Digital Ecosystems

Car manufacturers are also interested in partnering with tech industry giants to integrate automobiles into larger digital ecosystems. Amazon seems particularly keen to jump on this trend. The company wants to add cars to its digital Android-based system, which already includes Alexa voice services, speakers, lights, thermometer control, and more.

5. Vehicle-To-Grid Charging

Electric cars don’t have as much market share as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, but the introduction of vehicle-to-grid charging may change that. This technological innovation can give customers a ready-to-use battery in their car. When most people think of electric cars, they think of how they need to charge them at home, using the same grid that powers their house.

 However, a battery can work in two ways. Some carmakers are looking at how to develop a vehicle’s electric battery capable of powering other devices, including mobile phones, lanterns, laptops, and even homes on a larger scale. This could save consumers money on their power bills.

Explore Top Technology Trends in the Automotive Industry

Technology is going to play a massive role in the future of the automotive industry. From self-driving delivery trucks to in-car virtual reality entertainment systems, consumers have a lot to look forward to. Stay up to date with the latest trends, so you can find a vehicle with all the features you want!

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