5 Of The Best Car Customization Ideas Available Today

Car Customization

The typical person hangs onto their car for almost 7 years. What once might have been a shiny new car will lose its luster in that amount of time, however. Breathe new life into an aging vehicle with some car personalization options.

Read on to learn about 5 of the best car customization ideas available today!

1. Window Tinting Adds Style

Get a little more UV protection and style when you upgrade your tinted windows. Most vehicles on car lots have a standard tint of around 20%. You can increase this percentage as long as you stay within your state’s legal limits.

Adding a stronger tint can reduce the intensity of sunlight on your drive home from work. And it may keep you cooler in the summer months. Get a DIY kit to keep costs down, or take your car to the shop for an upgrade.

2. New Seats Offer a More Comfortable Ride

Add some simple customization with new seats. Cracked leather or scuffed vinyl can make your car’s interior look shabby. Fortunately, a seat upgrade is one of the better budget options since you can buy padded covers for under $50.

You can get seat covers with more breathable fabric if you live in a warm climate. Or choose seats with enhanced lumbar support for longer road trips. While you’re at it, get new floor mats if your front ones are worn.

3. Go with Car Wraps and Decals

Car stickers or wraps can add a practical feature or unique style to your car. Apply durable vinyl stickers broadcasting your favorite band or brand for simple customization.

To protect your car’s paint and clearcoat, add a layer of paint protection film. You can even choose wraps that change the color or finish of your car. Turn to Supreme Wraps AZ to help liven up your car’s exterior!

4. Get a Better Sound System

If you appreciate good music, consider upgrading your speakers or tuner. Swapping out the factory tuner for a better one could cost over $500. But for an audiophile, the cleaner sound is worth it.

Add a subwoofer to your trunk and install additional speakers in your backseat area. You can get an adapter to add Bluetooth capabilities to an older speaker, as well.

5. Invest in New Lights

Not only will new lights look more stylish, but they’ll also enhance your safety on the road at night. And introducing new headlights is another one of the better budget options.

Upgrade from halogen to LED lights for a stronger beam of light. Best of all, you won’t have to go over $100 for a conversion kit if you have halogens. For another layer of polish, add a protective film to your new lights to make cleaning them easier.

Treat Yourself to Car Customization

Pursuing car customization can make an old car feel new again. A brighter set of lights or flashier body wrap can add unique style to your car’s exterior. Or you can focus on the interior experience by improving your sound system or seating!

For more automotive news, check back for fresh articles soon.

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