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Himachal Pradesh

Situated in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh state in India, Kufri is a scenic hill station which is fast becoming popular among travelers as the next best travel destination in India. Although Kufri is counted among the uncommon Indian destinations to explore, it is quickly winning the hearts of travelers with its stunning beauty and serene ambiance. If you haven’t been to Kufri, book cheap flights to India at Indian Eagle and come explore this magnificent place at the earliest.

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Located about 20 km from the capital city Shimla, the name of Kufri is derived from the local word ‘Kufr’ which means ‘lake’ when translated. Book last minute air tickets to India and come explore this scenic hill station nestled comfortably near the stunning Himalayan range. Here’s our Kufri travel guide to help you plan the itinerary for your trip.

Places to visit in Kufri:

Popular highly among trekkers, Kufri serves as the starting point of treks to various places. Our Kufri travel guide recommends places such as Shimla, Fagu, Manali, and Rewalsar among plenty of others. Along with Shimla and Chail, Kufri forms the famous ‘Golden Triangle’ of Himachal Pradesh. With pleasant weather for most part of the year, there are lots of interesting places you can enjoy in Kufri without any hassles.

The India Tourist Park is in close proximity to the Himalayan Nature Park and is one of the best places to visit in our Kufri travel guide. It provides stunning panoramic views of the surroundings and is a trekker’s paradise. The Chinese Bungalow is in fact the Kufri Bungalow which is incredibly famous for its architecture and remarkable statues. You can kill a lot of time exploring here without even realizing it. There is a famous amusement park here as well called the Kufri Fun World which you can enjoy. If you happen to be traveling with children, take them here as they will just love this amazing park. It offers awesome rides, water games and one of the world’s largest go-kart tracks as well. This is one of the best places our Kufri travel guide recommends you visit to have a fun family-day out.

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Where to stay in Kufri?

While you may not find five-star luxury accommodations in Kufri, there are plenty of reasonable, mid-range hotels in Kufri. Most of them are located in and around Main Bazaar and are well-maintained. You can opt to stay at resorts in Kufri as well which you will find on the Kufri Chail road as well as Kufri Fagu road. Our Kufri travel guide suggests Kufri hotels such as Hotel Wildflower Hall, Kufri Holiday Resort, Shilon Resort and The Himalayan Odyssey Home among others. These are popular places you can check out while booking rooms for accommodation.

Best places to eat at in Kufri:

Most of the restaurants in Kufri you will find are centered in and around the main market area. The lanes of scenic Kufri are splattered with a string of innumerable food stalls offering the most delicious parathas, chaat, pakoras, noodles and scores of other items. Indira Tourist Park included in our Kufri travel guide is home to a famous Coffee Shop which is a huge hit with tourists and locals as well. Large hotels which have restaurants serve amazing food covering a vast majority of cuisines such as Chinese, Continental, Italian, and of course, Indian among several others.

Best time to visit Kufri:

According to our Kufri travel guide, the best time to book cheap tickets to India for a visit to Kufri is from March to November. Being neither summer nor winter, the weather this time isn’t extreme hence making it the best time to visit Kufri on cheap business class flights. You won’t have to worry about the weather wreaking havoc on your sightseeing plans in Kufri. Come explore this gorgeous place this vacation and make memories to last a lifetime.

How to reach Kufri:

The nearest airport to Kufri is the Jabbar Bhatti airport near Shimla about 20 km away. It is well-connected to Delhi via cheap domestic flights. However, if you wish to find a major airport then the one in Chandigarh about 3-4 hours away is the next best choice. Once you land at the airport, you can reach Kufri by hiring a taxi from here as it is easily accessible by roads. If you prefer trains, then Shimla railway station is the nearest one about 13 km away.

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