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ADU Appliances You Need!

adu appliances

Designing an ADU is difficult. You need to take into consideration how everything will fit in such a compact space. That is why we have put together a few ADU appliances that you absolutely need for your compact space.

Workstation Sinks Save Counter Space

Not an appliance perse but definitely a handy gadget to make room for other appliances. A workstation sink has a lip inside of it that allows you to perfectly place a cutting board within it to make it level with the counter space, thus extending your countertop. By doing so, it allows you to install a smaller countertop but still benefits from having a larger one.

Compact Dishwashers Save Floor Space

Very few people enjoy washing dishes by hand. Especially in a compact sink. Don’t make your ADU residents suffer through cleaning soapy food off plates, you can install an 18” dishwasher that can hold 10 place settings. Being compact, it can easily fit under any countertop without taking up too much storage space.

Tankless Water Heaters Save Money

Hot water is a necessity. However, hot water heaters can take up a lot of space in such a compact home. To save space, you can get a tankless water heater. Besides saving space, they also save you up to 60% on your water heating costs due to their energy efficiency.

How do they work? Instead of storing hot water, they provide it only when it is needed. Without having to hold hot water and keep it warm, they save you a lot on your energy bill. They are a great way of going green while building your ADU.

Mini-Splits Also Save You Money

Heating and cooling an ADU is a must. However, installing bulky systems can take up a lot of needed space. Avoid this by installing a mini-split. These mini-splits are easier to install than a full ducted system and are much more efficient than window-mounted units.

There are different mini-split systems available depending on your specific heating and cooling needs. However, you are limited by what the qualified installers in your area have on hand.

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