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If you are an ardent lover of anime movies then you might know how hard is to find a good website for watching anime content you like.

What is Anime?

Anime is a famous style of computer and hand-drawn animation. It was initiated in Japan and is still associated with the country Japan, regardless of the fact that it has become a globally hit a few decades ago. Its history is about a hundred years old at the moment, while its trend blew up in the prior few decades. Japan has acquired it as a part of its contemporary culture. In the meantime, anime hits like Digimon, Pokemon, Death Note, Dragon Ball franchise, and others won the hearts of people all over the globe.

What is Anilinkz?

When anime became so popular, there raised a massive demand for it, and various sites for watching anime movies online emerged. Then Anilinks became the popular one due to its vast range of content. The list of anime shows it offered was huge, having many series with hundreds of episodes. It contains shows of all genres, lengths, and styles, which make Anilnkz a diverse site that is quite easy to utilize.

After finding the content you are searching for, it needs a simple click on the play button and the enjoyment is started. For many people, Anilinkz remained the best site for watching anime movies but not every person can get access to this site, and there raises a question: what are the good alternatives to Anilikz. We are trying to answer this question in this article and we hope that you will be able to find an excellent one for you to watch your favorite anime.

What Happened to Anilinkz?

In many countries, Anlinkz is down because of copyright issues. Anilinkz is also illegal like many other streaming sites because it is illegal to download copyrighted material. The material available on the streaming sites is pirated. So the authorities do their best to remove such websites from the internet. But the crew of Anilinz worked on the new domain to rebuild their site’s library. So Aniilinkz has moved to Aniwatcher.com but many users are looking for its alternatives.

Top Best Alternative Websites like Anilinkz

Like to other streaming websites, Anilinkz has competitors that offer comparable services. If Anilinkz’s website is no more working then there are numerous websites for you to watch your favorite anime series. We have listed some of the best alternative websites like Animelinkz for your convenience. Pick one of them and have a great streaming experience.


Netflix is the best entertainment platform for anime movies and TV shows lovers. It allows users to watch top-level TV shows and movies from all over the globe. It is a web-based amusement service that offers Action movies, Dramas, Humor films, TV series, Documentaries, and many other enjoyable materials. The best thing about this website is that there are not any advertisement schemes or commercial so that users can enjoy the smooth running of movies. But unlike Anilinkz, This site comes in 3 payment options such as basic, standard, and the last premium. While users are supplied with a free 30 days trial for a limited period of time. If you want to avail of this free trial, you can sign up for this and you will be provided with completely free entertainment for a month. The payment programs are priced respectively between $7.99, $9.99, and $11.99. The basic payment plan of the site offers simple print but the standard and premium payment plans offer a premium quality print. In addition, you are authorized to skip your plan and go to another plan.


Animepaha is one of the best alternative sites to Anilinkz which was developed for all anime lovers all over the world. The site is 2 and a half years old. Its domain extension is .com. It features some classic as well as the latest anime series. You can choose between subbed and dubbed movies. The website is safe to browse. It has a huge selection of anime series for you to watch your favorite stuff free of cost. Its interface is easy and simple. The site offers many amazing features that make the site most popular among anime lovers.


The list of alternatives of Anilinkz sites cannot be completed without GoGoAnime and it is the better alternative to GoGoAnime. It has a huge collection of never-ending classics to the latest Anime movies. On the home page of the site, you can find dubbed and the latest anime releases while at the menu bar, everything has its space. In the menu, you can search anime movies from the A to Z list. You can also search for new seasons and the latest releases. On its interface on the right side, there is a list of current anime movies. The site gives space to the downside of the newly added movie. You can choose the videos from various categories such as Cars, Adventure, Action, Thriller, comedy, and a lot more. There are some ads seen on the website but they are less annoying.


Our next pick for Anilinkz alternatives is AnimeLand which will allow you to quickly find whatever you might be searching for. It has an amazing interface. The homepage offers the most popular movies and TV shows. It features various ways to search its content such as genre, popular, and alphabetical. It offers different categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, and a lot more. It is one of the interesting websites like Anilinkz.io.


Nyaa is the fastest anime streaming website that offers you free online movies and series in English subtitles and dubbed. It is the finest alternative to Anilinkz and has all the similar features. It offers unlimited classic and latest anime movies for you to watch and enjoy and have a great streaming experience. There is no need to sign up, just open the site, search for your desired stuff and enjoy the fast torrent experience. There are two options to find your stuff like explore categories, and use of advanced search bar where you have to place the name of the series. Its core features include all the genres, a large database, short descriptions, and regular updates. The interface is fast, simple, and user-friendly.


Kissanime is a popular anime streaming site designed for all anime lovers. It is a fine alternative to Anilinkz io and totally free of cost. There you will not encounter any pop-up ads. The site contains a huge selection of anime movies that consists of various categories. Each category also has various options that are updated regularly with the latest stuff so that the users will be provided with the new stuff all the time. It has a very simple interface with a black navigation bar on the top. It is listing all the pages such as A-Z list, Anime Movies, and English Dubbed as well. The site offers a request feature as well that allows you to place a request if the desired stuff is unavailable. The site has many other features that make the site better than others.


Hulu is a multiplatform source of entertainment and offers the streaming of online movies. It is having a huge collection of thousands of hit movies, and award-winning movies and TV shows that are accessible from all the media devices and operating systems. This thing makes Hulu an entertainment provider of the universal level. It always provides award-winning and top-rated entertainment stuff. There will always be the latest content on the site. Hulu provides the highest quality video and audio to its users.


Unlike other alternative sites for Anilinkz, AnimeLab is the app for Android devices used for streaming movies and videos in HD format. The site is free to utilize and video streaming offers you a great selection of top-rated movies. The collection of movies of this application will make your day because it offers movies in advanced pixels that you can even enjoy from your Android phone. There is no need to install any media player, plug-in, or other application. You only need to install the app and the movie from the collection and select the video you want to play. Its main features are that it contains thousands of movies, fast servers, compatibility with Android, downloading option, etc.


9Anime is another site like Anilinkz to stream anime movies in HD format free of cost. It brings you into the amazing world of online entertainment. The site is inspired by KissAnime.ru and offers the same services along with some new features. The objective of the site is to provide all the content according to the demand of anime lovers. It has many titles such as Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, brotherhood and a lot more. To enjoy anime movies you don’t need to go through a registration process. But if you want to get updates you need to subscribe by providing a verified email address. The most interesting feature is that it offers a trending section for you to get all the trending anime movies from all over the world.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is another alternative to Anilinkz which is the finest anime streaming site for the latest and most popular series. The platform is totally free to browse but looks like a premium platform. You can get access to the site anywhere any time all over the world. It has a huge collection of classic and latest movies and the list is regularly updated with the latest stuff so that users can get more and more new anime series. The site has introduced a News option that delivers all the news about manga and anime. The site is best for all manga lovers. It allows you to share your dearest series on social media directly. Its core features include a friendly interface, powerful search bar, various categories, a massive collection of databases, and a lot more.


7anime is a leading anime streaming site containing a massive database. Unlike Anilinkz, It is quite simple and free to utilize that offers you to enjoy limitless streaming without any ads. It has millions of users all over the world. All the stuff on the site consists of various categories like New Season, Anime List, Popular and movies. Each category also has different options. All the material on this site is regularly updated so that the users can be delivered with more and new content as well. Like other anime streaming sites, Gogoanime also has a search bar that is quite advanced. You have to place the name of anime and the content will be available instantly. The site asks for registration with an email address. After the registration, you can share your favorite anime series on Social Media.


Masterani is another leading anime streaming site just like Anilinkz that offers English dubbed anime movies online for free. The site has up to 2500 latest and complete anime movies in HD format that can be accessed anywhere anytime all over the globe. It has quite a modern interface that is simple and easy to utilize. It allows you to choose a series from various genres like Adventure, Action, Science-fiction, Vampire, etc. When you found your stuff, you can check its rating and read comments about it as well. Like other sites, it does not ask for registration. Its core features include a user-friendly interface, unlimited streaming, regular update, no registration, place request, etc. Its great thing is that it provides details of all the upcoming series.


Wcoforever is an anime streaming website that is free to use. It is a good alternative to Anilinkz. Its massive database is arranged for those people who are true lovers of anime series and want to enjoy anime movies in HD format. The site is an ad-free platform and hosts various epic anime series. The content is divided into various genres like Adventure, Action, Cars, Horror, Comedy, Romance, and a lot more. Each genre is further divided into various options that are updated regularly with the latest stuff. You can sort the content by language, genre, status, season, and year as well which is a quite interesting feature of the site. The site also has a search bar where you can search for your favorite stuff by placing the name, genre, or another related thing of the series. No need to sign up. Open the site, find your favorite series and enjoy limitless streaming for free.


Many people love to watch their desired stuff online for free to kill their leisure time. However, anime movies and shows are also very popular among most people around the world. People consider top-quality anime content and great stories which is not surprising yet. For this purpose, we have arranged a list of the best anime streaming websites for all anime lovers. These all are good alternatives to Anilinkz and are easily available on the internet. So pick one of them and enjoy your favorite content without irritation.

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