Can I Grow Pear Trees In Scotland?

Pear Trees

When you live in the cooler parts of the United Kingdom, it is easy to presume there are certain fruit trees you are not going to be able to grow. However, pear trees and other fruit trees have been grown in Scotland for many years.

Pear trees are surprisingly hardy. There is little wonder pears are one of the most popular fruiting trees in cooler parts of the world. In Sweden, they know how to grow pear trees. If the Swedes can grow them, there is no reason why they can’t be grown in Scotland.

Finding the Best Variety

When you see fruit trees for sale, don’t go ahead and just buy the first one. Instead, go ahead and do your research. Experienced fruit tree growers would tell you the best idea is to get in touch with a specialist pear tree grower such as

If you are planning on growing any fruit tree in more challenging conditions, it is always best to get advice.

Will My Tree Produce Fruit Every Year?

There is absolutely no reason why your fruit tree should not produce fruit every year. Many pear trees produce an abundance of fruit once they have established themselves. If you end up with too many pears, simply share them with others.

Location is important. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the soil conditions. Pear trees have deep roots and you need to make sure they can access water.

One advantage of growing traditional varieties of pear trees is that they are relatively disease free. Once you have found the perfect spot for your pear tree, it should just go on producing delicious pears year after year.

Where Can I Buy Pear Trees?

One of the best places to find fruit trees for sale is online. Many specialist growers now focus their selling effort on their websites.

Tale a look around and you will find there are many growers offering pear trees for sale. The smart money is on buying your trees from a grower with many years of experience.

Your new trees will be delivered to your home ready for you to plant in your garden or on your allotment.

Final Thoughts

Pears have nice thick leaves. If you would like to help to fight global warming, you should consider planting a pear tree or two in your garden. There are small varieties and larger ones when you have more of a sprawling garden.

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