Car Cleaning: A Brief Guide To Keeping Your Car Looking New

Car Cleaning

How often do you clean your car?

Finally, getting your dream car can feel like a dream. Many car owners are extra careful with their cars in the first few months. However, the longer time passes, the less we seem to care about maintaining our cars.

If you think your car is in need of some TLC, this is the guide for you. Check out these car cleaning tips below!

Wash Your Car More Often

It’s best to wash your car at least once a week to keep it looking spic and span. If you’re too busy to handwash, go to a local carwash service. If you’re handwashing, clean your vehicle from top to bottom and rinse the grime.

Dry the vehicle using microfiber towels for car use specifically. Keep in mind to use only clean sponges, mitts, and towels to prevent paint damage. The build-up grit from dirty and old materials can scratch the paint.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Interior cleaning is as important as washing the exterior of your car.
First, wipe down interior surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust.

You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean the small crevices. Focus on cleaning the vinyl or leather seats as they are prone to filth and scarring.

Next, use a vacuum to remove dirt between seats, corners, and floor mats. Mist your car with an interior spray detailer to protect surfaces from UV rays and cracks. Deep clean your car interior at least once a month to keep it in good shape.

Keep Latches and Hinges Clean

Don’t forget to include the latches and hinges in your car cleaning routine. Neglecting these parts can result in damaged seals and stuck doors. Cleaning these components can improve their functions and prevent rusting.

You can remove dirt from your latches and hinges using a rag. Apply lubricant to make these parts pliable and swing them after to see if it works. Wipe the excess fluid as it can trap dirt and grime.

Coat Car With Paint Protection

Corrosion can result from car paint chipping off. Dirt, bird droppings, abrasive cleaners, and fluctuating temperatures cause paint damage. Coat your vehicle with car wax or paint sealant to keep its shine.

A clear coat covers your car to protect it from damaging elements. Using a car wax can maintain the applied coating.

You can use a paint sealant for long-lasting protection, too. It contains polymers that can withstand harmful particles. This will protect your car paint from any exterior damage.

Polish Your Car

Using a car polish on your vehicle can give it a smooth and perfect finish. It can remove swirls and scratches from the clear coat. Polish your car every month to keep it looking brand new.

First, attach a foam pad to an orbital sander and put a car polish. Next, set the sander at medium speed to apply the polisher with light pressure. Then, wipe excess material using a microfiber towel.

Use These Tips for Car Cleaning

A dirty vehicle will not only lose its shine and luster. If left alone, the dirt could cause deterioration and even permanent damage. Use these car cleaning tips today to keep your car looking brand new.

Looking for more vehicle maintenance tips? Check out our other blog posts to discover more guides!

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