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Choosing Elder Care for Aging Parents

As parents age, their needs and abilities change. Ensuring they are safe and cared for is a top priority. Oftentimes, adult children cannot take on the full-time role of caregiver. Deciding how best to care for your aging parents is a monumental decision and is specific to your circumstances. Here are a couple of options to consider when working out the details of this next chapter of life.

In-Home Care

Having in-home care allows older parents to age-in-place, in the comfort of their own home. This also ensures their home continues to be a safe place for them as their needs and lifestyles change. Consider a service like elder care Beaverton OR that allows you to continue working and your parents to stay at home, easing the transition to this new normal. In-home care can also be performed if your parents move in with you during their later years. Either way, a home care provider brings peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving the support they need.

Specialized Facilities

If remaining at home isn’t a realistic option, assisted living facilities and nursing homes may be the best choice for your parent. There are varying degrees of care available, depending on the facility you choose. Assisted living facilities tend to offer more autonomy for elders who seek independence and need less supervision. Nursing homes are better suited for those who need more or specialized medical assistance. Only you and your family can make this important decision, but remember to consider the many variables, including cost, location and level of care needed.

When possible, try to keep your parents included in this process as much as reasonably feasible. It is often difficult for people to transition into this new way of life where much of their independence is being lost. Don’t lose sight of your own needs, however, by taking on too much.

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