Choosing the Best Portable Solar Power Generator

Solar Power Generator

As of 2021, solar energy constitutes about 55% of all renewable energy expansion. Suffice to say, more people are using the sun to generate electricity.

Some associate solar energy exclusively with panels that are installed on top of rooftops. What they don’t know is that portable solar generators are not only available but becoming commonplace.

So what are portable solar power generators? And what is the best portable solar power generator on both local and online market stores like today?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find more about how you can choose the best portable solar power generator.

Why Portable Solar Generators?

Portable generators have been used for decades as a convenient way of generating emergency power or for outdoor trips. They’ve traditionally been powered by gasoline and other fossil fuels.

With portable solar generators, you don’t have to use any fossil fuels at all. When you’re out there on a camping trip or need some extra power, these generators give you a ton of clean energy.

Portable generators, solar or not, are easy to carry around, which makes them preferable for outdoor trips. Solar-powered generators, however, are extremely quiet and even safer.

There aren’t as many moving parts with these generators, meaning there’s minimal maintenance either. But how do these generators work?

Solar Powered Portable Generators: How They Work

Solar-powered generators don’t have solar panels installed on top of the generators themselves. They’re actually charged with DC electricity that’s been converted through solar power.

In other words, a solar panel converts solar energy into electricity that’s then transferred into the generator. The inverter then turns the electricity to AC power.

Choosing the Best Portable Solar Power Generator

As with most things, choosing the best portable solar power generator depends on your specific needs. First, think about why and how you’re going to use it.

Do you need to power a home during power outages? If so, understand that most portable generators can’t power an entire house.

It can, however, charge phones and other appliances. Portable solar power generators can also charge medical devices and light up certain parts of your home.

You might instead use portable generators for parties or other recreational events. In that case, how much electrical equipment do you need to power? How long will these events be?

Also, keep in mind that portable solar power generators don’t come with the panels themselves. You’ll have to purchase those separately.

In terms of choosing which specific solar power generators, we highly recommend the Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator. It has excellent electrical capacity.

The Bluetti can easily power fridges and freezers on your RVs, TVs, or even LED lights. If you’re looking for a solar power generator with a powerful inverter, there are fewer better options out there.

Find the Best Portable Solar Power Generator Today

Finding the best portable solar power generator can be hard if you don’t know where to look or how. Use this article to help narrow down your decision and find the best generator today!

For more interesting articles on generators and other electrical equipment, check out the rest of our site!

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