Does Economic Improvement Come First Before Environmental Protection?

Environmental Protection

Most people argue if environmental protection is more important than economic recovery or the other way around. Some people believe that we need to prioritize the economy since we have to feed our families. However, others believe that the economy will suffer if the environment is in terrible shape.

Both arguments are correct, and the truth is that nothing should end up getting sacrificed in the process. The economy and environment are important for any nation, and they should go together.

Environment-friendly jobs

Fracking is one of the most controversial issues related to climate change. Several studies already proved that the oil industry is one of the biggest factors contributing to the climate’s rapid change. However, it’s also a source of work for a lot of people. The truth is that if we start moving towards clean energy, we don’t have to sacrifice anything. People who already know the oil industry can also use their skills in clean energy. This industry can also create more jobs without hurting the environment. With the aid of clean energy, we can continue providing for the needs of the people around the world. Some politicians use this issue to threaten people and make them believe that climate change is a hoax. The truth is that they want to make more money out of the oil industry, and they use potential job loss for many people as an excuse.

Construction of buildings

In most major cities, you can see constructions all the time. There are even some places competing for the tallest building. The problem is that construction could also lead to the destruction of the environment. However, with the right environmental policies and building codes, we don’t have to worry about hurting the environment. We also have to set limits on where we can construct new buildings. For instance, destroying an entire rainforest to build a skyscraper is unreasonable.

We will suffer if we don’t protect the environment 

The point is that if we always think about the economy first, we will still suffer. The economy moves up if the environment is in great shape. Most industries need the help of nature. If we don’t have sources for production anymore, there will be no economy.

Different economic activities could also lead to massive piles of trash around the world. It’s another issue we have to focus our attention on. We need to take steps in making sure that we don’t cause more pollution. At home, you have to continue practicing the segregation of trash. You can also work with a junk removal Brandon FL company to ensure that your trash goes to the right place.

We shouldn’t force ourselves to choose between false choices. While we have to prioritize the environment because of the dire situation, it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our economy and livelihood. Always listen to experts instead of politicians who condition us to believe in incorrect information. You have to be smart enough to know the right thing to do.

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