Four Ways Insurance Adjusters Use to Deny or Delay Your Personal Injury Claim

nsurance Adjusters Use to Deny or Delay Your Personal Injury Claim

If you are filing a compensation claim for injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you will soon get a call from the insurance company of the other party. The company will be represented by an insurance claims adjuster who may seem friendly but is not your friend. You will expect the company to pay the amount you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. However, insurance companies are usually hesitant about paying. They are notorious for denying or delaying claims, leaving you feeling hopeless. That is why you need an injury attorney in Cedar Rapids to represent you. 

When an insurance adjuster contacts you, they are focused on the best interest of the company they work for. Thus, they may make a lowball settlement offer immediately to resolve the claim. They will use all resources available and different tactics to try to deny or delay your claim. Here’s what they will usually do:

Request a Recorded Statement from You

Don’t believe the adjuster if they say it’s a requirement. And no matter how friendly they may be, don’t but into it. Insurance adjusters have questions to trip you up and make you say something that can be used against you. 

Make a Quick Settlement Offer

You can expect the insurance adjuster to contact you one or two days after your accident to make a lowball settlement offer. If you accept this offer, they will ask you to sign a full release which will prohibit you from seeking further compensation or legal action. Keep in mind that depending on your injury, you may suffer symptoms days or weeks after the accident. If you sign the full release, you won’t be able to pursue compensation for symptoms you may experience later. 

Put You Under Surveillance

If you have sustained significant injuries and have piles of medical bills, your claims adjuster may put you under surveillance.  This is their way of trying to catch you doing a physical act that can question the extent of your injuries. If you are caught doing tasks such as those that involve lifting, your settlement amount may be reduced. The insurance company may argue that your injury is not serious enough to warrant significant compensation.

Assert that You are Also to Blame for the Accident

The insurance adjuster claim that you contributed to the accident, so your case is of less value. Thankfully, your attorney can shut down this tactic quickly. 

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