What Games Are Similar To Blockudoku?

Games Like Blockudoku

Blockudoku is one of the best block games that are not only fun but addictive too. Users play their block in a 9X9 grid. The objective is to choose the right blocks, not from the top, but from the bottom and drag them eliminate the squares and lines.  Clearing the highest number of blocks will make you the winner.

This puzzle game is very interesting and you will be hooked on it for hours and hours. But do we have games that are similar to Blockudoku? And, if so, which ones are they?  Well, the answer is that there are plenty of games that are similar to Blockudoku. In this article, we are going to explore them. Let’s get started!

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a puzzle game that is similar to Blockudoku. Player also uses a 9X9 grid. The number count is 1 to 9. This puzzle game is all about arranging numbers both vertically and horizontally. To make the perfect Sudoku, you must ensure that each grid doesn’t have two similar numbers. Another incredible thing about this puzzle game is that it gives you clues and you can even undo a certain entry. You can change the theme of the game, too. And if you want the version that you won’t see ads, you can opt for the premium one, which goes for $5.

2. Wood Block Puzzle

The wood block puzzle is one of the most popular block puzzle games. The colorful blocks make the game more aesthetically appealing. It also has a unique interface that has made it attract a huge fan base. In the Wood Block Puzzle, you need to drag the wooden blocks to fill the rows. Once they are filled, the rows will disappear. You will get marks for completing a row. Completing many rows in one drag can increase your score. So the more rows you complete with just one drag, the higher your score. This exciting game will be over when there is no more space left to move the blocks.

3. Block! Hexa Puzzle

This game created by BitMango is also very similar to Blockudoku. It is absolutely fun with amazing features. To play the game, you need to drag the hexagon blocks and move them. Try to fit them all in the frame. It is very simple to learn and very challenging too. The goal is to fill the board with a burst of colors.

4. Unblock Me

Unblock Me is also another game that is similar to Blockudoku. The goal is to find out how you can fit different colored blocks through the hole. This game may seem quite easy at the beginning, but as you proceed, you will find it more challenging. The blocks on the board are positioned vertically or horizontally.

The horizontal blocks are more right or left, while the vertical blocks can only move up and down. To free a path for the colored block, you need to shift the blocks around. What makes Unblock Me more interesting and appealing is that it has over 14,000 puzzles to solve.

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