How To Get A New Device Using Ecoatms


If you have an old mobile phone or want to upgrade your current device but are not eligible for it, a buyback program may be your best bet. In this piece, we will explore what is ecoATM and why it is an ideal system for selling used electronics for quick cash-back. Generally, ecoATMs are convenient, safe, and easy ways to sell or recycle used phones for cash.

How do they really work?

EcoATMs work by giving you instant cash for devices that can be recycled or reused. Before settling on whether you want to sell your appliance at an ecoATM point, you should have the phone evaluated and decide if you are to reject or accept the offer.

Here are a few things to consider if you want to recycle or sell your phone at an ecoATM:

Prep your phone

If you want to sell at any reliable ecoATM outlet, you need to be prepared for it. Before leaving your house, ensure you delete all personal data from the device and switch off the phone’s location service. If your device is an Apple product, you can easily reset the phone by clicking the Settings icon and clicking General, then Reset before erasing all content.

Request for a quote

When your phone is reset, you should get a quote. The easiest way to get a quote is by using Google to search for ‘ecoATMs near me’. You should get an estimate of what your device costs. ecoATM ascertains the prices of phones based on the condition, model, and value in secondary markets.

Get your cash

If you are comfortable with the offer made to you, you will get cash for your phone on the spot. When your device is accepted and you have received payment, your device will be recycled or reused.

How to find the nearest ecoATM

You may have walked past an ecoATM at one point or the other, but you just may not have noticed it. The easiest way to locate an ecoATM kiosk close to you is an online kiosk locator. Input your ZIP code, and search for the closest kiosk.

Final thoughts

Trading your used or old phone for cashback shouldn’t be too difficult if you know how to use the ecoATM system. Make sure you run a proper search online for the value of your phone and get it in good condition before walking into an ecoATM store.

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