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How to Get Ready for a Move?


Moving is not usually at the top of the list for fun ways to spend a day, however, there are some ways to make it productive and less unpleasant. Whether downsizing or moving to a more spacious domain, the principles below are the same and may be helpful as you go through the process of getting ready.

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Gather Supplies

The first step to successful packing is to ensure you have everything at hand. Obtain a supply of the packing boxes St Louis residents count on to organize their belongings. Get a supply of packing tape to seal the boxes – the kind that comes in a dispenser is easiest to use. Black permanent markers will help with labeling the boxes once they are packed. Get some paper sheets a roll of bubble wrap for breakables.


Prepare some large boxes or bags for cast-off items and label as “Donate,” “Shred” and “Trash.” The items that really would not do anyone any good, such as wrappers, empty bags or broken items should go into the trash box. Into the shred box go any old receipts, medical papers or things with otherwise sensitive information that you do not want showing up in a dump. You may also want one that says, “Return” on it, for items you may have borrowed.


Sort to organize your belongings according to importance. Separate clothing items by season. This can help with organizing your closets when unpacking. Pack frequently used kitchen items together as well. Arrange items in boxes and label them by room so they can be taken into the correct area of the house or apartment upon arrival.

Look at packing for the move as an opportunity, rather than a chore. Moving can give you a new lease on life and a fresh start. Who knows – You may even find some long-lost treasures?

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