How to Keep Your Jewelry Stunningly Beautiful?

Jewelry Stunningly

Jewelry is more than just the final accessory on a stylish outfit. It is often used to highlight a person’s personality or make someone feel more confident and attractive. Heirloom pieces passed down through generations invoke warm memories of past family members. Jewelry given as a token of love is especially cherished by the recipient. Understanding how to care for these treasured pieces will keep them brilliant and sparkling for years to come.

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Store Jewelry Properly

An important step most people overlook is storing their jewelry properly. Throwing them in a drawer or tossing them together into a single bin could cause surface scratches or damage to the gems. Your best option is to keep them in jewelry drawer dividers that feature separate protective storage options for each item. Necklaces need to hang from posts or hooks to prevent creasing or tangling of the chains. Rings and bracelets benefit from padded slots to keep them safely separate from other pieces. Pierced earrings should fit snugly into holed dividers, which also keeps each pair together.

Clean Pieces Safely

Contrary to popular belief, a home ultrasonic cleaner is not the safest or best method to clean your pieces. The vibrations can chip the stones or even shake them loose. Clean them instead with warm water, a small soft brush and a mild non-detergent dish soap. Have an extra glass of water available to rinse off the cleanser to prevent any loose stones from going down the drain. Dry your jewelry off with a clean, lint-free cloth. Be especially careful when cleaning pearls as they are prone to scratching easily.

Protect Items Diligently

Your jewelry can be affected by chemicals found in common substances such as lotion, perfume, cosmetics and hairspray. To protect them, it is best to keep your pieces off until you are ready to walk out the door. Always remove your jewelry when you are cleaning your home as ammonia and chlorine bleach are too harsh on gemstones and gold.

Check Jewelry Annually

Your jewelry should be checked annually by a professional to ensure all stones are secure and the metal is in good shape. Any needed repairs should be completed to prevent any further damage. Most stores offer this service for free, along with a professional cleaning. Check with your family and friends to find a jeweler they recommend and trust.

Completing these protective steps will keep your precious jewelry stunningly beautiful and a joy to wear for many years.

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