Instagram Vs. Facebook: Which Social Network Should You Use?

Instagram Vs. Facebook

The Instagram vs Facebook debate is an ongoing problem for a lot of businesses. Where should you put your time and effort?

Does it make sense to use both platforms as marketing tools? Who’s using which sites and why?

These are all good questions. It’s important to think through the digital landscape before you start investing money into marketing. We’re going to take a look at Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools today, giving you a good idea of which platform is worth your time.

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We hope the ideas below help you turn your social media presence into brand new customers. Let’s get started.

Investing in Your Facebook Page

Let’s start with Facebook.

This is one of the first social media platforms out there. As a result, literally, everyone on the internet knows what it is and is probably familiar with how to use it.

In the face of so many new platforms, though, it’s no longer the most popular or exciting social media website. It’s still massive, though, and there are seas of users out there who might be interested in your business if they were to find it on Facebook.

Facebook has an established advertising function as well, so there are plenty of ways that you can market yourself on the platform. That said, what are the signs that you should use your Facebook business profile in your marketing campaign?

1. Community Outreach

Facebook is excellent for communicating with users. If you’re looking to have long-form conversations or create spaces where numerous people can engage with one another, Facebook is the place to do that.

Facebook groups are excellent ways to build awareness about your brand and its offerings. You can also expect to see a lot of growth from the chatter of your followers.

If there’s an interesting community surrounding your page, people will share and talk about that page to bring new individuals in. This is the sort of thing that a business that needs brand awareness should do.

2 . Niche Target Audiences

Another thing to consider is the nature of your audience. Is your audience leaning a little older and heavily present on Facebook? Then you should market on Facebook.

The key thing is always going to be the people that you market to. If your target audience doesn’t use Facebook, then neither should you. While most people have a Facebook page, you should look into the metrics of how heavily your audience engages with this platform.

How much time do they spend on Facebook, on average compared to other potential marketing platforms?

3. Existing Following

Do you have a following already? That’s something to consider heavily. An established following is a great jumping-off point for a marketing campaign.

It’s a lot easier to find new users and engage with them if they see that you already have a lot of people that are interested in what you do. Further, social media algorithms reward popular accounts a lot more than they do brand new accounts.

So, it’s worth thinking about capitalizing on what you already have and building on it even if it would be smarter to use alternative platforms if you were just starting out.

Focusing on Your Instagram Audience

Now, let’s consider whether you should invest in Instagram.

Instagram poses a number of benefits that are distinct from those you’d get from Facebook. For one, the content style is different.

You can focus on the actual image and appearance of your brand a lot more when you use Instagram. It’s a visual platform, and that can play well for a lot of brands.

Instagram gives you more opportunities to express yourself and be creative with your brand as well. At the same time, it doesn’t offer the same community benefits that Facebook does.

Here are some of the key benefits it does offer.

1. Product-Specific Promotion

The visual element plays really well for particular products. You can display the product, it sits front and center for the user, and there are intuitive, clickable link options.

PPC advertising on Instagram is excellent for brands that are marketing new products.

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2. Billions of Users with High Engagement

Instagram has more than two billion monthly users according to CNBC. The platform tends to have users that are more engaged than Facebook users as well.

That means that Instagram users are more likely to click, like, and share content. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but it’s likely due to the compact and user-friendly nature of the site.

Further, the content on Instagram is more immediate and requires less effort to engage with. An article or video on Facebook, for example, will tend to be a little longer and more demanding.

You can also grow a following on Instagram a little easier than you might with Facebook. To get the ball rolling, you could buy automatic Instagram likes in order to help your content in the algorithm.

Popular posts get a lot more visibility, and those extra likes could help.

The Benefits of Using Both

Something to note about these two marketing platforms is that they operate with the same dashboard. Facebook owns Instagram, and marketing on either platform is done in the same spot.

That means you can manage both of your business accounts and all of your campaigns at the same time.

The particular option that you use the most should depend on your user base. Wherever your customers are, you should be there, too. It also depends on the way you want customers to engage with your brand.

Are you looking to increase sales? How about boosting the awareness of your brand? Whatever your metrics of success are, there are particular benefits to these respective platforms.

Still Debating Using Instagram vs Facebook?

The Instagram vs Facebook debate rages on, and probably will for a long time. There’s a lot more to learn about Facebook and Instagram, though, and we’re here to help.

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