Make A Career In Research With A Degree In Biotechnology

Degree In Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an interesting subject. It is still in the nascent phase in India. It’s an absolute research-oriented course. If you are thinking of a job after graduation, look somewhere else. Any research field requires a tremendous amount of time, patience and dedication. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many biotechnology institutes in Chhattisgarh have the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate programs available for the students.

Generally, the students require specific subjects for admission in any course e.g. Physics, Chemistry & Maths for engineering and Physics, Chemistry & Biology for medicine. Luckily for the students, they only need to have a science background. Though, you have to choose the degree according to your subject combination in your senior secondary education.

You can take admission in the B.Sc course if you have biology in your 10+2 otherwise you can take admission in the B.Tech course. Both of them will eventually lead to a career in research. However, they offer slightly different orientation. The B.Sc degree program is inclined towards the biological topics such as genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, etc.

On the other hand, the B.Tech course from the biotechnology colleges in Raipurwill focus more on the engineering processes in this field such as bioprocess engineering, biochemical engineering, mass transfer, thermodynamics, etc. Nevertheless, you will have to pursue either the M.Sc or the M.Tech course to make a career out of it.

The main thing to consider prior to applying for the any of the above-mentioned course is the quality of the infrastructure. It’s a must for a good learning experience. If any college or university doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure, you will not get the real knowledge and skill required in this field.

The biotechnology courses are highly lab-driven. You will spend most of your study time in the labs. The other important place for aspiring students would be the library. Get as much information as you can during the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate degree program. Constant learning is the only way for success here.

The health sector is the biggest employer for the students from this field. The various R&D facilities require skillful candidates for several tasks. This is an exhausting field, however, you will get you’re the full value for your effort. The number of companies in India is quite low compared to other countries.

It gives the perfect opportunity to try your luck at foreign companies. The remuneration will always be higher from India. You will get high-tech equipment and experienced co-workers to work with. It’s always advised to look abroad for career options in this field. Many countries are especially known for its research quality.

Clear your mindset from all the negative trash that people speak about this profession. It’s still developing in India, however, many foreign countries offer plenty of job opportunities to the deserving candidates. If you always wanted to be in the research field, apply for either the B.Sc or the B.Tech degree program at the biotechnology institutes in ChhattisgarhYou have to compliment them with master’s and PhD programs later in your life for better career options.

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