Montessori vs Public School: Which Is Right for Your Child?

Montessori vs Public School

Every year, around 50 million kids enroll in public elementary and secondary schools. Depending on where you live, the public education system might be fantastic and everything you ever dreamed of for your kids.

And yet, there’s a little voice of doubt in your mind. What if there are better choices out there for your children? And are these avenues worth it?

For instance, there are Montessori schools available, which many parents turn to in favor of public schools.

Interested in hearing more? Then keep reading to find out more about Montessori vs public school education so you can determine which is right for your child.

What Is Montessori School?

Montessori schools are indeed known for their emphasis on promoting independence and freedom for students. As you can imagine, then, Montessori education isn’t as structured since teachers are there just to be guides. You can learn more about Montessori education and its principles by visiting

Also, there aren’t tests or assessments, so children aren’t graded based on performance; in fact, there are no report cards at all. Students aren’t expected to do rote memorization either.

Montessori vs Public School

As you can see, Montessori schools are drastically different from public schools. This can be the perfect environment for some kids to thrive in, especially if they don’t respond well to strict and authoritative styles of teaching. It’s very hands-on and because it’s a child-directed learning space, they get to learn at their own pace.

However, for other children, the Montessori method can be too lax. Instead of desks and chairs in a row, there’s just an open space for roaming. If your child needs structure and more than just guidance from teachers, then they may not be a good fit for Montessori.

The good news is, Montessori classrooms tend to be much smaller than traditional ones. This ensures that your kids will get plenty of individual attention, which can help them grow and flourish.

Montessori classrooms also mix children across 3 years of age. This allows kids to mentor one another and this fosters more social development.

Be Aware of Costs

You should know that Montessori schools aren’t cheap. They’re considered private schools but are funded by either tuition or public money.

In any case, you can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 or even $15,000 a year for tuition! So if you’re struggling financially, sending your kids to Montessori schools may not be feasible, especially if you’ve got more than 1 kiddo.

Find out more about Montessori schools here.

Get the Best Education for Your Kids

When it comes to Montessori vs public school, there’s no correct answer as to which one is right for your kids. Instead, it’s better to go through their pros and cons, then pick the type of school that’s best suited to their learning styles.

So if you’re interested, tour your local Montessori schools and see what they have to offer. It might be a worthwhile experience for your children.

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