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Prepare Your Home for an Exterminator with These 3 Tips

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A visit by an exterminator Staten Island NY is necessary if your house is infested by insects, rodents or other types of pests. However, this professional is not the only one who determines the effectiveness of the procedure. If you leave your home unprepared for the extermination, it can lead to an unsuccessful session. These tips can help you prepare the house before the appointment.

1. Clean Up Your Home

Several types of pests thrive in places that are disorderly and dirty. Spilled food, excess paper, and overall garbage can attract unwanted visitors, especially insects and rodents. Additionally, clutter creates spaces for these creatures to hide. Reduce potential pests during the procedure by cleaning up trash and storing away your items. This practice reduces the workload for the exterminator and speeds up the labor.

2. Dispose of the Food

Most food can potentially attract pests. You will need to unplug the fridge to allow the exterminator to work on every area, so immediately dispose of any perishable items. Empty the cabinets and put away food and utensils since these areas are usually treated because pests gather inside of them often. Store dry food in tightly sealed and thick plastic containers. If you cannot store the food, then cover it completely.

3. Create More Space

The exterminator will need ample space to hit every potential edge and corner, where pests are more likely to hide. You can assist this professional by creating more space. Unplug appliances that connect to walls and move them away so he or she can target the area. Do the same with large furniture and anything attached to walls. Doing so also protects these valuables from the chemicals being used. Clear any corners to make it easier for the technician to move around.

The extermination process can be set back by numerous factors. Preparing your home before the visit decreases these factors and helps the exterminator complete the assignment on time.

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