Should You Choose A Personalized Funeral Or A Traditional One?

Personalized Funeral

In terms of our emotions, organising a funeral is likely to be one of the most difficult situations that we’ll ever need to deal with in our lifetime, and getting it right, down to the last very detail, is understandably important to many.

With the modern day concept of the funeral moving away from sadness and more towards celebration, people are increasingly choosing personalised funerals over traditional ones, as a way of capturing the essence of the deceased person, while still paying appropriate tribute to them.

To help you decide what type of funeral to choose for your loved one, here are some things to think about:

Cost saving funerals

There’s no shame in wanting to save money on a funeral, whether you’re pre-planning it for yourself, or arranging it on the behalf of a deceased loved one. Burials have always been the most traditional and popular way to lay a person to rest, but they are by no means the cheapest. Once you factor in the cost of the plot, the headstone and a whole host of other costs, it’s easy to see why cremation rates have risen significantly in recent years.

In terms of affordability, direct cremations are one of the most affordable you can choose; minimal (if any) people are permitted to be present, making it a deeply private affair.

Funerals to celebrate a person’s life

Funerals don’t have to be gloomy occasions, with everyone dressed in sombre tones of black, standing around weeping at the foot of a coffin; much as they were in Victorian times. While a funeral can still be an opportunity to release emotions and many people may cry, funerals that celebrate a person’s life are often brighter, lighter affairs, that don’t always centre around religion. In fact, provided you seek the appropriate permissions, bespoke, personalized funerals can take place in a whole host of weird and wonderful locations.

Statement funerals

Nowadays, environmentally conscious funerals, sometimes referred to as eco-friendly or green funerals, are proving to be increasingly popular. Centering around the concept of giving back to the earth one final time, some opt for woodland burials, while others choose tree pod burials, and biodegradable coffins and urns.

In the past few decades, traditional funeral services have proven to be the least favourite choice among UK citizens, having been overtaken in popularity by services that instead, celebrate the deceased individual’s life in a deeply personal way. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional funeral services, they are no longer the go-to choice for the majority of people, and more modern, personalized funerals offer friends and loved ones of the deceased, an opportunity to remember them with fondness, rather than merely mourning their loss.

If you’re thinking about making your own funeral plans, and would like to opt for a personalized funeral service, or would like to plan one for someone who has recently passed, try discussing your thoughts and ideas with a local funeral director, who can give you some important guidance and advice, and help you create your vision of the perfect service.


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