The Brief and Only Motorcycle Safety Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Motorcycle Safety

Riding a motorcycle comes with many great benefits. You get to ride with the wind in your hair and save money on gas as well. Many people enjoy the thrill they get when riding on their bikes.

However, riding a motorcycle doesn’t come without danger. You’re more exposed when riding on a bike, and therefore need to be more careful. You might be a safe driver, but you don’t have control of the other drivers around you.

Protect yourself by knowing the best motorcycle safety tips. Not sure where to begin? Continue reading below to get started!

Always Wear Your Safety Gear

Before you get started, you should always prepare your safety gear. You never want to ride your motorcycle without first putting on your safety gear. You should have a helmet, gloves, boots, and all your other motorcycle essentials ready to go before each ride.

Remember to wear long sleeves and pants as well to protect your skin in case of an accident. Keep all of your safety gear in an easily accessible location where you can quickly grab them before going for a ride to reduce motorcycle crash injuries.

Check Your Tires and Wheels

Now it’s time to check your tires and wheels. Before you go for a ride, you want to ensure both tires are in good condition. Check for any embedded objects and for wear and tear.

Check the tire pressure before each ride as well, especially if it’s cold outside. Then, you want to check the wheels. Are there any damaged spokes?

Are there signs of excessive grease? Make sure everything is in good working order.

Check Your Brakes

The next step is to check your brake pads. Do you notice any wear and tear? Your brakes will most likely have a wear groove on them.

Once this groove is worn down, you know it’s time to change the brakes. You want both brakes to be worn down evenly as well. Hop on your bike and check the firmness of the brakes before riding.

Check the Electrical System

Last, don’t forget to check the bike’s electrical system. Turn on the bike and ensure all lights are working. Check the brake lights, headlamp, and turn signals.

Check the battery as well. You want to make sure it’s in good condition. Inspect the battery terminals to see they’re clean.

The electrolyte levels should be correct also.

Do You Know Your Motorcycle Safety Essentials?

Do you know all of your motorcycle safety tips and essentials? Knowing these safety tips is not only important for first motorcycle riders, but for experienced riders as well. Safety is an essential part of motorcycle ownership no matter how advanced of a rider you are.

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