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The Common Household Pests: A Basic Guide

Household Pests

Pests in the home are not just a nuisance, they can also cause serious health risks and structural damage. Rodents, insects, and bugs all belong outside, however, they frequently make their way indoors looking for warmth, shelter, or food.

If you are experiencing household pests, it’s essential that you contact a professional and experienced pest control company. In this blog post, we will highlight the common types of pests that homeowners often find residing within their homes.

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These include mice, rats, wolf spiders, odorous house ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches. Let’s get started.


Rats carry a number of diseases such as typhus, bubonic plague, and hantavirus. Ways to eliminate rats from a property here include sealing up holes inside and outside the home, trapping rats around the home to reduce the population, and cleaning up food sources and nesting sites.


Mice, likewise, are a carrier of disease and can cause damage to furniture and belongings as well as the structure of homes. Infections can spread from mice to humans through direct contact or through contact with contaminated water, food, or soil.

To deal with mice, rats, and other pests within the home, check out rodent removal services near you.

Wolf Spider

During the fall months, female wolf spiders look for protected areas to produce egg cocoons. They tend to be found between and under boards, firewood, siding, and stones.

They are typically brown, gray, or black with a hairy appearance. While they can bite, they typically only do so when threatened.

Odorous House Ants

The name itself says it all about this species of small ant (they are also known as stink ants). When crushed, they release a foul odor.

While they are not harmful, they are a serious nuisance and are drawn to food sources within the home. They also like to nest indoors where it is warm.

Bed Bugs

While not known to spread diseases, bed bugs can be a serious annoyance. They can cause a loss of sleep and itching, which on occasion can increase the likelihood of a secondary skin infection.

Beb bugs can be tricky to get rid of, so always be sure to rely on the support of a pest control company.


Cockroaches, with their grotesque appearance, are one of the most disliked pests around. They are known to be an allergen source and asthma trigger.

Common types of cockroaches in the US include American, German, Oriental, and Brown-banded. They are often found in dark places within the home, including cabinets, cupboards, drains, basements, and laundry rooms.

Household Pests to Be Aware Of

Removing pests in the home can be a challenging task, so we recommend that you look for reputable pest control services for professional help.

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