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Things You Need to Know About Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of the most popular flooring methods. Parquet floors are elegant, easily maintained, and have elaborate shapes and unique designs. Small hardwood pieces are fitted together to create a parquet floor. There are different geometric shapes and designs which can be used to make a parquet floor.

The flooring method was introduced in the sixties and has been in fashion since then. This does not mean that the flooring pattern has not seen any changes. It has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs. The demand for parquet flooring almost diminished in the early eighties due to the changing trends in the fashion industry. But the flooring pattern came back stronger than ever and has refused to budge from its position since then. Here are some of the facts about the parquet floor.

The history of parquet flooring

The parquet flooring has its origins in France. The name is derived from the French word, “parquetry” which means a small compartment in French. And you might be surprised to know that the term dates back to the 17th century.

In 17th century France, the craftsmen used to cut out small pieces of wood from a large log and then combined them to make an elaborate design. The designs were then installed on the floor using glue or nails and screws. The parquet floors are quite beautiful to look at but require extensive hard work and patience. The skills of the 17th century were tested by a parquet floor design. As it required much time and professional skills only the wealthier households and public buildings were able to afford to install them on their floors. Some of the exquisite parquet works are still preserved in Paris.

Materials used in parquet floors

We all know that the parquet floor is made up of wooden pieces. These wooden pieces have different colors and hues. This determines its price. The price of the parquet floor is also dependent on the availability, durability, color, and pros and cons of each wooden piece. Popularly used wooden pieces chestnut, walnut, ash, and oak. Out of all these customers generally prefer oak for their houses due to its extended durability and the range of colors it is available in. oak looks beautiful in houses where they have an ample source of lighting.

Also, another factor that weighs in while installing the parquet floor is the choice of wood-based upon the nature of the wood. There are two choices available for the homeowners: solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood is the natural wood and thus is susceptible to contraction and expansion according to the temperature and humidity. Solid wood needs extensive care. The solid wood parquet floor must not be placed under direct sunlight as the heat may damage the wood.

Engineered wood meanwhile consists of a core that is covered with hardwood. Normally an engineered wood contains a core of 12 plywoods, that is bonded with the hardwood. The core and wear together can form a 2 to g mm thick material. The engineered wood is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. There is a range of dimensions that you can install over the underfloor heating. The dimensions in the solid wood are not as easily available as in the engineered wood.

If we talk about the durability then those who guessed solid wood to be more durable are absolutely right. The solid wood parquet floor can be sanded down several times and still the floor would be shining while the engineered floors lose their finish with only one sanding.

Installation of parquet floors

There are many designs that you can install for your parquet floor. The majority of homeowners go for square tiles. The square tiled parquet floor is formed by sticking the hardwood strips on a thin plywood or steel mesh. If you are not interested in a square parquet floor then you can always go for a custom design. They are still very much in fashion. The customized floors require a longer time than the square tiles as the wood pieces are cut into the custom pattern. The pieces are then fitted to form the pattern which is very much like finding the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

At the end of the day, it totally depends upon you how you want your floor to look?

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