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Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Air Filters

Air Filters

Equipment costs take up a large portion of a business’s budget. Not only can repairs and replacements be costly, but an important piece of equipment breaking at the wrong time can cause delays, setbacks and damage. Everyone knows replacing air filters is an important part of equipment maintenance, but are you using the best air filters? Here are the top three reasons businesses in North Carolina are upgrading their air filters.

1. Danger from Small Particulates

Research has shown that 75% of machine wear-related failures are because of particulate contaminates. Once broken down, dirt can fly around the empty air space inside machinery and into lubricant and fuel reservoirs. Much of the machinery used today, while incredibly efficient, measures its clearances in thousandths of an inch. This makes it easy for even the tiniest particles to cause machine failure if they are not filtered.

2. Moisture Buildup

Moisture is a constant threat to machinery. While equipment needs lubricants and hydraulic fluids to function, it can also be hurt if these go where they should not. Advanced breathers, a type of air filter, can stop moisture from entering equipment and allow clean air in. Moisture also carries more contaminations than air, so filtering these out is essential for the continued use of your equipment.

3. Improved Technology

With new Air Sentry breathers North Carolina businesses are taking advantage of the latest improvements in technology to protect their equipment. Air Sentry breathers are an excellent choice for replacing existing breather caps or air vents. Equipment like fluid holding storage tanks, hydraulics reservoirs and gearboxes often have old-style air vents that give low to minimal contamination control. Upgrading to a high-quality air filter or breather will give these a longer life.

Do not let your investment in equipment go to waste and upgrade your air filters.

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