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Remote Work

Labor staffing ebbs and flows. Graciously, however, it stands to reason that working from home is an option that is here to stay. With all of the possible industries where remote work would be a convenience, in which should you be interested? Positions abound across all industries and for various reasons on the part of management. Their motives range from climate and weather concerns to the economization of resources or even staff wellness. Here are some positions to look for when searching through job postings and advertisements.

Project Manager

On the spectrum of compensation, project managers rank high. A college education is required but most majors are eligible to apply, not just those who went to business school. Anyone from art historians to computer scientists is equipped with project management experience. Have you made a plan and had to track all of the moving pieces? This has given you a leg up on the competition. Some research on your part before the interview will be pertinent, particularly in understanding the applications of virtual workspace tools like VPN and Kanban boards. Peruse a project management guide for insight into what your role may look like day-to-day.

Executive Assistant

Personal assistants are the method through which modern leaders get things done. The position is wide-reaching from governments to non-profit organizations and certainly your average individual. This role is arguably one of the oldest work-from-home gigs. With phone and email access, you have the main implements required for the work. Little to no experience is expected. In fact, there are marketplaces online that will allow you to sign up and list yourself as a personal assistant. They will do the work of attracting clients while you perform the expected duties of the customer.


The job of transcribing usually serves scholastic or media firms that require documentation of audio or closed captioning for videos. This role requires the least formal experience. However, applicants will experience a test on grammar, spelling, and punctuation before employment for remote work is offered. Outside of the traditional workshop experience of a writer’s room, digital teams must collaborate to make style guides to establish a consistent brand. Your job will be to read and understand these well, being able to apply them for each job. For multilingual persons, transcribing and translating often go hand and hand.

Call Center Representative

If a business provides any service, they require at least one person in said business to be the face for the customers. For corporations, call centers are necessary to keep up with the demands of frequently asked questions and potential sales. This job can be done outside of headquarters, but typically must be performed at home due to the equipment necessary for the work. You will likely have more than one monitor and a devoted CPU tower. This may preclude a Friday work-from-Starbucks but the compensation and easy commute can make the rigidness worthwhile.

When it comes to getting hired, remote work has a plethora of benefits. The catch is finding the right position for you amongst the many coming from these search engines. Awareness of what is expected of you can simplify the process.

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