Types and Uses of Safariland Holsters

Safariland Holsters

Self-Locking System

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, a military veteran, or a civilian, you can be sure that safariland holsters will keep your weapon safe and secure. This company has earned a reputation for innovation, design, and durability in the personal protective equipment industry. Whether you need a new holster for your handgun, a new belt clip, or a new belt, Safariland makes purchasing its products as simple and convenient as possible.

The Self-Locking System on Safariland holsters provides a simple, effective, and comfortable way to carry your weapon. The holster hood is locked with a patented locking mechanism that requires a combined downward push and a twisting action to unlock. In addition, the holster hood is made of SafariSuede(TM) fabric, which protects the finish of your handgun from scratches and other damage.

The Self-Locking System also works in conjunction with the Sentry retention system. This system is custom-molded and modular, making it easy to adjust for comfort and stability. The Safariland 6281 Belt Holster is available through OpticsPlanet, Inc., the Authorized US Distributor of Safariland holsters.


Safariland holsters are among the best retention holsters on the market. They feature an automatic locking system that locks onto the ejection port of your weapon when you draw your gun naturally. The mechanical locking system also locks your weapon automatically when you re-holster it. It is a great way to prevent random draws and builds on the holsters’ self-locking system.

Safariland duty holsters are built to withstand a wide range of temperatures and resist abrasion. They feature a unique material called SafariSeven(TM) that is non-abrasive, has minimal reflection and is highly durable. It is also straightforward to clean and offers substantial environmental protection. It also withstands temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Law enforcement officers, military personnel, and everyday carry users use Safariland holsters. The company has been designing and manufacturing quality duty holsters for over 50 years. These holsters are made to fit a wide range of firearms, and the retention systems are incredibly reliable. To learn more about the Safariland discount for law enforcement visit this website:

Level II

The Safariland 6280-SLS Mid-Ride Level II Duty Holster is a top draw straight cant duty holster to keep your handgun close. It features an SLS rotating hood to prevent takeaways and ensure a smooth single-motion interest. It has a suede lining, Universal Belt Loop, and molded sight track for added protection. It is durable and easy to clean.

The successor to the 6280 is the Safariland Model 6360 Holster. It incorporates the Safariland Automatic Locking System, which uses a locking device to hold your handgun in place, even when walking. It also has a 6070UBL mid-ride belt loop for added security and comfort. In addition, it features SafariLaminate(TM) finish that matches traditional leather looks and a SafariSuede lining that protects your pistol’s sight.


A Safariland holster has several advantages, including comfort, reliability, and durability. Its SafariLaminate material is composed of a thermoplastic alloy lined with suede, and the holsters are designed to fit many different firearm models. It allows for maximum concealment and freedom of movement while carrying your firearm.

safariland paddle holster is easy to attach to a belt. This design is also highly secure and ideal for cross-draw carry. It is also easy to use, with adjustable cant and multiple drop combinations. In addition, the Safarilaminate (TM) material provides the most rigid, secure design combination possible.

Concealment is another primary use of tactical holsters. People in a tactical role want to be as hidden as possible, and the primary goal of concealment is to give the impression that you are not carrying a weapon. A safariland concealment holster provides excellent concealment while ensuring a perfect draw every time.

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