What are you Eating – Is Your Food Trying to Trick You?

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Do you always know exactly what you are putting into your body? That is something that’s debatable. There is a lot of news circling the production and distribution of food and where it actually comes from. There are some terrifying stories about what you might actually be eating, and it isn’t just when you eat out, it can be the stuff you get from the local grocery store. Learn more about eating organic food on this website 

Fraudulent Horror Tales

One such tale that might give you a moment’s pause, when trying new foods is the fact that a pork processing company was selling pig rectum as imitation calamari. It is appalling that someone would want to trick the American public like that, but it was found to be true and was reported by National Public Radio. No one could tell the difference and thought they were actually eating imitation calamari. There are several other cringe-worthy stories where people have attempted to pass off some disgusting substitutes as different foods. Educate yourself about what is actually going into the food you are eating.

Stay Safe

So how do you make sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for? You need to buy only the good stuff. Usually, that means organic and raw. You need to get used to grinding your own spice and squeezing your own lemon juice. Whole food is always going to be a good choice, even though they cost a little more. Shop with both eyes open and stay away from anything that looks questionable. Getting food that you can see exactly what ingredients it has is a good way to avoid any unknown additives. Do not forget to visit this website for tasty and healthy food.

Fraud in the Sea

Some of the news has been surrounding fraud in the United States and other countries’ fish markets. There is an alarming amount of fish being switched out for other species. The study done by Oceana did DNA paternity testing in order to determine the ones that were correctly labeled, as well as the ones that were fraudulent. The legal DNA paternity testing found that around one third of the fish are labeled incorrectly and when people were eating snapper, they are actually eating tuna.

Other things that are often not what they appear to be are surprisingly honey and extra virgin olive oil. Some bottles of olive oil were found to actually be filled with vegetable oil instead. This can be very upsetting for someone who thinks that they are being healthy. Some honey was found to actually be manufactured instead of what bees produce. It is actually really hard to tell the difference between fraudulent food, and the real deal. Unprocessed and fake honey is not safe for consumption. It can cause allergies and stomach problems which is unfortunate. A study by the USP found that milk and coffee are also sometimes not what they appear to be. The good thing is that you can look up the reports of all the fraudulent food and see what you are really eating. Furthermore, you can read our articles on this website to know about cooking tips and nutritional drinks as well.

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