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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Paint Your Home (and What Colors to Choose)

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Painting a home’s exterior is a critical step for making it appear more beautiful and providing the kind of long-lasting help you need to make your home stand out. As a result, you need to contact the best house painters Portland has to offer to ensure that you get the best results. Understanding the information below shouldn’t be too difficult to find a team who can help you choose exterior colors.

Benefits of Painting Your House

If you haven’t painted your home in the last 10 years or so, it is essential to know why it is such a good choice. When you paint your home, you provide a myriad of unique benefits. For example, painting your house:

  • Enhances weather protection
  • Boosts a home’s overall style
  • Increases a home’s value
  • Makes a home easier to sell

And while you can try DIY paint designs, it is probably better to hire professionals to handle this step for you. They can not only take care of the steps above but help you choose and integrate color into your design that minimizes the danger of long-term problems with your home’s exterior.

Unique Color Designs to Consider

If you’re hoping to make your home stand out due to a unique paint design, there are a few different tones that you can pick to achieve this goal. You’ll need to make sure that you pay attention to these different options to ensure that you satisfy yourself and others. These colors should not only make your home more beautiful but also help to make it worth more money in a sale:

  • White – Off-white and other similar shades of this simple tone help make your home appear more neutral. Many people prefer this color because it is easier to change and mix with different designs. However, it does tend to show dirt and stains more quickly, so be prepared for this problem.
  • Yellow and Blue – Although some yellows may be a bit too intense for some buyers, this color often produces a very soft sense of happiness and comfort. Blue is very similar, as it creates a large amount of comfort that makes it easier to sell your home by making it more appealing to others.
  • Green – Depending on the shade of green (such as a deep green or a neutral Cypress color), you can create various looks and feels. Often, green is an excellent option in areas near a more natural zone, such as on a farm or those houses near the woods or other types of natural environments.
  • Red – Few colors create as big of an immediate impression as red. Make sure that you choose one that feels right for your needs. Bright reds may seem a bit too vibrant for some buyers, though others may appreciate how much their home stands out compared to others like it on the market.

Ultimately, the colors you choose will vary based on your taste and balanced according to your needs as a homeowner. So take your time here to ensure that you select the colors that ultimately fit your needs the best.

Find Painters You Can Trust

Try to reach out to a house painter you can trust in Portland to handle the unique difficulties this process creates. Though it is by no means challenging to choose high-quality designs that feel right for your needs, it is vital to find an expert who can paint your home and minimize problems, such as running paint or mismatched colors. Doing so helps to make your home that much more appealing.

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