Your Guide to Allstar Performance Parts

Allstar Performance Parts

AllStar performance parts play a key role in the $281 billion aftermarket parts industry.

These components are a well-known go-to when it comes to car building projects. Especially those involving race cars, street machines, street rods, and more.

The brand specializes in hard-to-find, specialty items that meet professional racing standards.

Find out what all the fuss is about when it comes to these highly regarded, top-quality parts for modified speed vehicles.

Background to AllStar Performance Products

AllStar performance parts came about over 25 years ago in an attempt to meet the need for high-quality, high-performance components in the motor racing industry.

Today, the company is one of America’s premier suppliers of motorsport-specific components and aftermarket race parts. It also caters to the custom-build market with a range of stock specifically for street rods.

Being motorsport fans themselves, those at the helm of AllStar Performance soon recognized a need for the latest technologies and components in this industry.

Previously, auto enthusiasts would need to visit numerous retailers to find what they needed. Their only alternative was visiting one of the few online suppliers to sift through a limited selection of parts.

The hunt was on for a comprehensive variety of individual parts for racing applications. Over the years, AllStar grew to become the first choice for those wanting to outfit their race vehicles with the latest technologies.

Nowadays, AllStar also supports a host of motorsport events like the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and the 2021 “Fast Time Award”.

The company has never ceased in its quest for new and innovative parts and technology. As such they boast an ever-expanding inventory of essentials for serious motorsport buffs.

Sports Served By AllStar Performance Parts

Motorsports involve plenty of skill and daring, but success depends heavily on having the right vehicle for the task too.

The smallest part can have a major effect on a vehicle’s power and performance. The tiniest defect can mean the difference between success and failure. These are the sports that rely on AllStar performance parts for optimum race day results.

Drag Racing

Drag racing has been around for almost as long as motor vehicles themselves, in both legal and illegal formats. Involving only two vehicles at a time, drag racing presents the ultimate win or lose scenario for participants.

The course is straight and short, with a standing start. So, you need lightning-fast responses and quick acceleration to succeed in drag racing.

AllStar supports this hair-raising sport with a host of products. These include nitrous pressure components, end caps, scoops, hoses, and everything else you need.

Hot Rodding

Hot rod racing first emerged in the 1920s. Yet, it only became officially regulated in 1951 with the formation of the National Hot Rod Association.

Nowadays, the sport of hot rodding isn’t as popular as it once was, but many enthusiasts still modify street rods just for show, or for the satisfaction of enhancing a vehicle to its best capabilities.

When you’re rebuilding a classic vehicle to enhance its speed and performance, you need the very best components in your toolbox to get the job done.

Building a hot rod is a work of great dedication and precision, and AllStar Performance stocks a host of parts that do this justice.

These include:

  • Wire loom sets
  • Stainless steel battery boxes
  • Master cylinder bore ports
  • Power brake boosters

The range also features a host of small parts to add the final touches to your build, including end caps, tees, and hoses, and much, much more.

Road Racing

Raad racing includes any race on a tarred surface. Initially, most of these events took place on urban roads, closed off specifically for the purpose, but nowadays, they usually take place on purpose-built circuits.

Nowadays, everybody’s familiar with Grand Prix and Formula One road races, but there are still events that cater to races between modified streetcars.

If you subscribe to this sport, you’ll find AllStar Performance stocks everything you need to maximize your road racer from top to bottom, inside and out.

Circle Track Events

Circle and oval track events are a type of stock car racing, that takes place on custom-designed banked tracks across the country. This type of racing involves paved or dirt tracks, and sometimes both.

It’s an entertaining sport to watch and there’s a high degree of camaraderie among participants, too. These fast-paced, action-packed races require quick wits and precision mechanics if you want to survive, never mind win.

AllStar Performance parts are a good place to get started, offering all the specialized parts for success in both asphalt and dirt conditions, rain or shine.

Open-Wheel and Sprint Cars

When you drive an open-wheel car, you’re sitting in an open cockpit, while the car has exposed wheels. There are two main types of open-wheel cars, namely Formula One and Indy cars.

Although the basic definition of these cars is similar, they run on different tracks, use different fuels, and have different aerodynamics.

These vehicles are among the most specialized and expensive modifications around, so it’s vital to ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of this labor of love.

AllStar Performance has everything you need to make every cent count when you’re working on one of these super high-performance machines.

Off-Roading and Tractor Pulling

Tractors used for tractor pulling are about as modified as a build can get., with multiple engines attached to the drive shaft by means of a cross box. These seriously modified tractors are among the most powerful vehicles on earth.

Off-roading has become a popular leisure pastime nowadays. You’ll still need to make a few modifications to your vehicle if you don’t want to end up high and dry during your outing.

It’s also a popular sport, with fierce competition, as in the Dakar rally.

Whether you’re supping up your tractor or taking part in off-roading for fun or competition, AllStar has the parts to see you get home safe and sound.

Something For Everyone

You don’t need to participate in racing to enjoy the benefits of AllStar performance parts. The brand features everything you need to turn your everyday car into something special too.

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