2 Characteristics of A Great Marketer

A Great Marketer

Do you love people, love innovation and love building brands about something you’re passionate about? Marketing is a great field to get involved in for someone who wants to grow a company and get the word out about beneficial products customers can use. Eyal Gutentag has been a performance marketing leader for years now and filled a niche with his characteristics and abilities in the field. If you have an itch to get involved within marketing but aren’t sure if it’s the right field for you, here are two traits you should analyze and see if you have.

1. Lots of Energy and Enthusiasm

Marketing is a field run on passion and isn’t a profession to get involved in just to pay the bills. Great marketers love what they do, and you can tell they’re excited about getting the word out on certain items, initiatives and products. Their attitude is always can do and super aggressive to find a solution that best suits the challenge. You’ll love going to work and finding energy there.

2. Lots of Creative Juices

Marketing is constantly evolving. It’s not a profession where everything stays the same and is done the exact same way year after year. Instead, good marketing is always adapting, evolving and looking for better ways to reach consumers. You have to look at trends and ideas in a different way and be open to improving, growing and developing your strategies. If you thrive in situations that aren’t black and white and enjoy looking for new ways to address situations, you’d fit right in as a successful marketer.

Finding the perfect career that stimulates, excites and engages you every day is one of the greatest things someone can find. If you end up working in a field you love, as the saying goes, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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