3 Ways to Improve Your Video Marketing Tactics

Video Marketing

They say a video can say a thousand words. Videos pull people in, keep them hooked and leave lasting impacts well after the video ends. While great cinema, music videos and viral videos Jukin Media finds can all do this, what about your marketing videos? Do they have to be boring and business minded doing their job? Nope, they sure don’t! In fact, you really don’t want to create a boring video for marketing and business purposes. Videos are shared more than ever before with the prevalence of social media, and people get bored quickly. In order to share something that will stick with your intended audience, you have to stand out. Here are three video tips that’ll help you get even more views on your marketing strategy.

1. Make your video a story.

Storytelling is essential in connecting and communicating with people. It gives them an anchor to hold on to, get invested in and fosters a desire to see the story conclude by the end of the video. The more focused you are on storytelling in pre-filming, the better your film will end up. What exactly do you want your video to share? What character is best suited to tell this story? How will the cinematography match what I’m trying to get across? These are all vital to address when looking into creating a marketing video. Try and connect with people’s emotions and lives, more than just trying to get them to buy something or use your product.

2. Have a strong introduction.

People are busy. Whether it’s work, school or family life, time moves a mile a minute in today’s world, and you need a video that’ll grab someone’s attention from the beginning, or they’ll move on to bigger and better things. The first 10 seconds are essential in whether a viewer’s going to stick around or scroll on by. Opt for a powerful, purposeful and planned intro that you edit and revisit often to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be before publishing the final cut.

3. Don’t forget about the title.

Like storytelling, titles are important. When you go pick up a new novel, it’s a title that usually catches your eye and urges you to look deeper. Even if you’re making a marketing video, see how your title can tell a story in itself. Give people more than something generic such as “Why You Need To Buy Soap”. That isn’t engaging or unique. Just because you’re marketing for a business doesn’t mean you can’t have flavor. Use your title to draw people in versus giving them another reason to tune your product out. Here are some great tips on how to approach the title generation process.

With so much content online nowadays, it’s harder to make an impact. People’s social media feeds and email inboxes are consumed with media, information and content that try and garnish all their attention. As a marketer, you’re looking to spread your brand to more people and get them to buy or use your product. A successful video can go a long way in making that a reality.

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