3 of the Best Things to Buy at Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops

If you are someone who enjoys shopping for great deals and discounted items, one of the most overlooked places to find items in good condition at prices that are often below wholesale is pawn shops.  A pawn shop is a place where people sell their items for cash or put their items up as collateral for a loan. When the item is put up as collateral, but the loan is not repaid, the pawn takes possession of the items and then resells them in their shop. What this means for “shoppers” is that you can often find a lot of used and/or hard-to-find items at discounted prices. Here are a few of the best things to buy at a pawn shop.

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Whether you need woodworking tools, home improvement tools, or tools to fill the toolboxes in your garage, pawn shops typically have a wide selection of secondhand tools. Some of the most common types of tools found at pawn shops include tool sets, power drills, large tools, such as table saws, and individual, basic tools like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Although most pawn shops test items that they take in, make sure to test power tools yourself before buying. So, before heading out to your local home improvement store to buy new tools, you may find exactly what you need for a lower price at a local pawn shop.

Musical Instruments

If you have ever needed to buy a musical instrument for your child’s brief stint in the school band, you know how expensive they can be. Schools often resell instruments year after year, but they typically charge almost new prices. One of the most common items that people pawn or sell to pawn shops are musical instruments, many of which are in excellent, barely used condition and they are often significantly less expensive than buying used from the school and definitely less than buying new from a musical instrument store. So, before you buy new, be sure to check the local pawn shops for your musical instruments.


The quality of jewelry found at pawn shops is just as good as the jewelry sold at a retail shop but is usually about half of the cost that you would pay in a jewelry shop. You can find almost any type of jewelry item at a pawn shop and many pieces are new or have been recreated from other pieces that have been melted down and re-made into new jewelry. Some of the most common types of jewelry found at pawn shops include antique jewelry, diamond wedding and engagement rings, silver and gold chains, and high end, name brand watches.

Not only is shopping at pawn shops a great way to save money on everyday items but they also often have unusual and hard to find items that can be bought for lower prices than you would pay at an auction. When shopping at pawn shops, most have a no refund policy, but they may offer a limited return policy, such as trading your item for something of equal or lesser value, so it’s important to test all power equipment before you buy. Also, keep in mind that most pawn shops may only have one of each item, so if you do find something you’re interested in, it’s best not to hesitate when buying, because when you come back in a few days, the item may be sold already.

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