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Best Garage Door Ideas for 2021

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Do you feel like sometimes the exterior of your home needs a pick-me-up? It’s not always that you know exactly what you want to have done to the exterior of your home, you just want something fresh about it.

When it comes to the cost of upgrading the exterior of your home that could potentially break the bank. Maybe that’s why you haven’t done anything about it. There are tweaks that one can make here and there that can provide a lovely cost-effective way to upgrade the look of your house.

That is just simply by getting new garage doors. Just that one simple move, can cause your house to look like it had a facelift.

Here are some best garage door ideas to consider:

Frame it with flowers

This is a wonderful idea if you don’t totally hate your garage doors. You can have each door framed by flowers growing around and in between them. It gives it a very romantic appeal.

Duo coloring with wood

The attractiveness of this combination is chic. Typically, the color of a home is a darker color like gray or deep blue, the color of the garage is lighter color wood. Some may go for a distressed wood theme. However, for the most part, the uniform look is most appealing.

Industrial appeal

Industrial style homes and buildings alike have become more popular over the years. If that’s something that tickles your fancy the best way to do that with garage doors is to have them be mostly glass with metal panes.

Hello, Barn Doors

Barnyard style doors have gained popularity in very recent years. They are both stylish and nostalgic. Barn style garage doors make you do a double-take and add a charm to the overall look of the home. Bright white and lighter blues are a great color option for this style.

Enchanting Glass Panels

Do you want to make the neighbors say, what’s going on over there? Why not try garage doors with glass? The glass paneling can almost look like it complements the windows of your home. Depending on the exact style chosen, the garage door may end up looking like a boutique or workshop. It just gives it a different kind of feel.

Light It Up

Have you ever considered new garage doors, with ground lights being installed right near the base of them? If you don’t mind being a little extra showy, this combination makes your home look like a model display.

Infuse New Textures

This is where things can get really fun! Garage doors come in all types of textures and texture patterns. It’s all about what suits your fancy, and what you feel best complements the overall look of your home.

Textured garage doors are great for homes that are simple on the exterior. Your garage doors could literally be a stand-out piece that gives your home that makeover appeal.

Warm and rustic

The rustic style reminds me of a Tuscan neighborhood. Warm and rustic garage doors would have a wooden texture, darker distressed colors, and maybe some crossed beams in the center of the door. Can we say take me to Italy?!

How do you feel about some of these ideas thrown out there? Did it stir up some of your own ideas? Are you ready for a garage door change?

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