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3 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy and Decorative

Home Cozy and Decorative

It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re at home, whether you’ve lived there for three days or thirty years. People add and rearrange things as they live in a place. What will you change this month?

If Cozy Means Uncluttered

You hate disorder. There’s a place for everything, you believe. If your space starts to feel cluttered, you might feel antsy and irritable. Solve this problem by determining what you need. If you look at something and wonder when you’re going to use it again, you probably won’t. Get rid of it. Then, invest in some decorative storage containers, like tables with built-in cabinets. You can also use bookends to stabilize books and papers, creating more room for other stuff.

If Cozy Means Warm

You gravitate toward warm things. Maybe an ideal day is spent beside a fireplace while you sip from a hot drink. This imagined scene can only improve if it not only feels good but looks good. Have a quilt made and turn to an expert like Raggedy Ruth Designs. Many people find hot water bottles comforting, but you can also make them look nice by covering them in specialty covers that are soft and patterned. An electric fireplace might especially be worth considering if you like fireplaces and also want to use one during the summer months.

If Cozy Means Quirky

Gather all of the strange yet pleasing things you want to display and put them around your home. Handmade gifts from friends might look nice tucked between objects on your desk. If you collect things—toy cars, cat figurines, origami—try staggering them across bookshelves to add some activity. Consider unusual uses for everyday items or find ways to repurpose trash. A used can from beans could become a fancy pencil holder.

When you approach your home as an evolving project, you can have a lot of fun with it. What looks best to you might not appeal to everyone. Find what makes you cozy and content.

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