4 Tips To Get Through Your Long Distance Move

Long Distance Move

With the average American moving nearly 12 times in their lifetime, there’s a good chance you’ll be boxing up your life and relocating at some point. But when you move across the country, the stakes — and stressors — are even higher.

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How can you make the process a little easier?

Read on to learn 4 tips to get through your long distance move!

1. Prepare for a Move with Checklists

When you’re prepping to move out of state, get started by writing down all of your tasks. And if you have a spouse or other family members, start delegating responsibilities. What should you include on the list?

Assign packing and labeling responsibilities to ensure that all items are inventoried before packing. Gather all items that you might try to sell at a garage sale or donate to charity. And then make plans for pick-ups or a yard sale.

Set timelines and due dates for tasks. And, ideally, use a spreadsheet or online chart that all members of the family can access.

2. Look for Ways to Cut Costs

If you’re looking to keep costs within a particular budget, you can do it — even on a move across the country. One easy way is by taking on the packing yourself.

You can use old shipping boxes and gather boxes from appliance stores. Use newspapers and magazines for cushions. And wrap plates and other fragile items in your clothing.

Consider renting a truck and driving it yourself. Use free pizza and drinks to entice friends to help you load boxes on one end. And, if your budget permits, let some hourly movers handle unloading on the other end!

3. Hire Reputable Movers for a Long Distance Move

The thought of packing, loading, and driving the contents of your life might be overwhelming. That’s why you should plan on handing over some of the responsibilities to licensed and insured professional movers.

Get quotes from multiple companies and compare services. And see if they charge by the hour or by the weight of the truck. You should be able to hire movers for specific tasks like packing or driving the truck, too.

And get plastic transportation wrap to help protect your car during a move out of state. Otherwise, gravel and road debris can damage paint when you transport your car!

4. Deal with Logistical Matters

Before you leave town, be sure to wrap things up with all area service providers. Communicate with your utility company so they know when to stop charging you for electricity and water. Talk to your internet provider so they know when to disconnect the service.

And stop by the post office for a form to forward your mail. Doing this ensures that bills and other notices won’t get lost in the mail. And gather dental records, school transcripts, and other documents you might need in your new town.

Follow These Moving Tips

When you’re gearing up for a long distance move, you should start by getting organized with a checklist. Outsource some of the heavy lifting to qualified movers. And don’t forget to wrap things up with local services before leaving town.

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To get more moving tips, check back soon for new articles.

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