5 Car Features You Should Care About

Car Features

The registration of new cars grew by 15% annually to 58,994 units in February 2022 in the UK. Besides, car manufacturers sold more private units than other types of cars.

Most people associate buying used cars with cost-effectiveness. Yet, there are several benefits when you buy a new automobile.

A new car will have no history of accidents since it comes directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers consistently update different car features. So you expect to get the latest technology features upon your car purchase.

You must understand the car features before your car purchase. Here, we provide the five car features you should care about.

1. Automatic Braking

Emergency braking systems can stop or slow your car upon detecting a potential collision. It’s a significant car feature that will guarantee your safety and your passengers.

Automatic braking systems will help you avoid accidents in case a person or car suddenly comes into your path, regardless of how good of a driver you’re.

Currently, automatic braking systems aren’t mandatory. However, you should expect this car feature as a standard in new cars in the near future.

2. Blind-Spot Monitors

A blind-spot car feature may use video data or radar information. It’s meant to help the driver see the areas they can’t reach using side and rearview mirrors.

Blind-spot monitors use beeps and visual cues to alert the driver when the car gets too close to an obstacle. You can visit for cars with more advanced features that can adjust themselves to a safer distance.

These car features fit perfectly in large automobiles such as SUVs and Minivans. They also suit a driver that does a lot of traveling on highways.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Internet connection has become one of the essential things in the modern world. You should check for Wi-Fi hotspots before you buy a car.

Data plans on your phones from different service providers can be costly. Wi-Fi hotspots in your new car will allow you stable internet connectivity, thus saving you the monthly data expenses.

Even though you may have to pay for your in-car Wi-Fi after some time, it’s cheaper than your monthly data plans.

4. Forward Collision Warning

FCW safety features use radar, cameras, and laser technology like blind-spot monitors. This is a car feature that detects any obstacles in front of your new car.

These objects can be cyclists, pedestrians, animals, and other road users.

The forward collision warning feature alerts the driver using an audio-visual or physical warning. That way, you can avoid unwanted accidents.

5. Lane-Departure Warning

This feature is common on most new cars. If the car drifts from its lane, the LDW car feature will issue a few beeps to keep the driver on notice.

Some new cars come with lane-keeping features that take control of the car and help you steer back to the correct position in your lane. Other helpful features will include lane-centering assist and lane-tracing assist.

Car Features You Need

You can choose a variety of car features for your new car. Even so, the most significant of all should mind your safety.

Having convenience features such as a USB charging spot can make your car more comfortable. Expensive car features that don’t guarantee your safety won’t give you value for money.

A modern infotainment system will make your driving experience more enjoyable.

Browse this page to learn more about safety car features for you.

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