5 Common Mistakes with Purchasing Shoes and How to Avoid Them

Purchasing Shoes

Do you make mistakes with purchasing shoes?

Whether you buy shoes for wearing or as an investment, you want to make sure you avoid the common mistakes. When you buy shoes, you want to make sure they last for several years.

You also need to make sure that the shoes are comfortable for the average person. You’ve also got to consider the quality of the material of the shoes. Visit the website to get detailed information about latest fashion trending ideas.

So what are the mistakes with purchasing shoes you should know about?

Here’s what you should know:

1. Always Buy Name Brands

No matter what, you should always stick to buying shoes that are from prominent brands.

Sneakers, like these Jordan colorways, will always meet the criteria of a good shoe. They’ll provide durable shoes that’ll last for several years. They’ll also offer comfortable shoes.

While name brands can let you down on occasion, in most cases they’ll provide high-quality shoes. They have their reputation at stake so they have to always provide great shoes.

You also need to make sure to buy authentic brands when looking for popular shoe brands. If you buy from smaller retailers or online, you have to keep an eye on fake brands and replicas.

2. Choose Your Exact Size

In most cases, you’ll have to choose your exact size when buying shoes. Many consumers make the mistake of buying one size larger or one size smaller.

Whenever you buy a shoe, you want to make sure you measure your foot. Always choose the shoe that’s the exact size of your foot at the time. Even if you own shoes that are different sizes, it’s ideal to stick to the exact measurement.

At times, you might find that your exact size might seem too loose. However, if it’s your size then it’s likely that you’ll grow into this pair.

You can also consider getting custom-made shoes. These shoes are tailor-made to fit your size. These are ideal if you need to buy dress shoes. In some cases, you can buy sneakers and have them “renovated” to fit your size.

It’s always best to ask a professional shoe salesperson to measure your foot. If you do it yourself, you’ll likely make mistakes with the measurement.

3. Choosing Your Retailer

The next step is to choose the right retailer for buying shoes. If you buy in a physical store, you have to choose a prominent retailer.

This can include the retailer owned by the brand. If you love Nike shoes, then you should shop at a Nike Factory Store or a Nike Outlet Store.

Otherwise, you want to shop at well-known department stores. JCPenney, Nordstrom, and Macy’s are examples of stores where you can ensure you’ll find great shoes.

If you opt for buying shoes online, you want to choose the online retailer wisely. You can choose the online version of any department store you shop at. You can also buy directly from the website of the shoe brands that you love.

You’ve also got to look at the retailer’s return policy. Make sure you have at least one month to return the shoes if you aren’t happy with them. Make sure you ask about the condition that the shoes have to be in when you return them.

You must never buy shoes from a retailer that doesn’t have a flexible return policy. At worst, there should be an exchange policy if you aren’t pleased with your purchase.

4. Make Sure the Shoes Are Comfortable

As surprising as this might be, many consumers buy uncomfortable shoes!

The reason is that many consumers believe they’ll “grow” into this pair. Often, they’ll buy tight shoes thinking that the shoes will soon become comfortable.

But when you try on shoes and they’re uncomfortable, the shoes will likely remain uncomfortable for years! When you try on the shoes, try to walk around in them for at least five minutes.

If they feel comfortable, then they’re ready to purchase. If not, try on another pair! In some cases, you might find them hard on your soles. You want to check if you can use foam soles to improve comfort. If these don’t work, then this shoe isn’t right for you.

You want to research what types of material are comfortable for you. Do you prefer suede or leather? Do you prefer soft or harder soles?

Once you find the type of shoes you like, you want to stick to them. For example, if you like Mocassins for wearing around the house you should exclusively buy these shoes. If you like rubber flip-flops, don’t opt for leather flip-flops in the future!

5. Do You Have Shoe Care Items?

You want to also invest in shoe care items which most consumers don’t do. When you buy a pair of shoes, the salesperson will likely want to sell you a shoe care item.

In most cases, you avoid buying these items because you think the salesperson just wants to up-sell and earn a higher commission! But you should always have items to protect your shoe’s lifespan.

You should have shoe polish for all your shoes. These will protect your shoes from stains and also protect the material. If you own leather shoes, you need to make sure you have material to protect the leather.

You can also consider investing in foam soles or backup soles if they get torn. You can also buy extra shoelaces in case your current shoelaces wear and tear.

It’s also important to have a relationship with a local cobbler. You want to find someone who can repair your shoes at a moment’s notice.

Avoid Those Mistakes With Purchasing Shoes

Now you can avoid the common mistakes with purchasing shoes next time you lookout for the perfect pair!

Make sure you always focus on buying name-brand shoes first. It’s also better to try shoes in person than to buy them online. If you do buy online, make sure you consider the return policy first.

Buying shoes are great for improving your fashion game, but they’re also great as investment assets. Fashion industry has become a great career option for young students and budding talents who want to go into the glamour industry. So, if you want to get more knowledge about fashion click here:

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