5 Industries Where Predictive Monitoring Keeps Us Safe

Predictive Monitoring

Before the advent of modern technology, people noticed historical patterns and simply made intuitive assumptions regarding future events. Today, we use sophisticated computer algorithms to analyze tons of data and output comprehensive predictive models. These forecasts improve safety, as well as other aspects of our daily existence, by helping us recognize what actions are best considered.

You probably are not aware of the myriad industries currently utilizing predictive monitoring to improve their security track records.

The Automotive Industry

Today, big auto uses predictive analytics to design self-driving cars and circumvent motorist error. This information also helps with driver assistance technologies like self-parking.

The Medical Industry

By detecting patterns in individuals with breathing conditions such as asthma and COPD, sufferers are able to receive instant feedback regarding their health. Right from their phones, they can be instructed to seek medical attention before they are even aware help has become necessary.

The Aerospace Industry

Algorithmic data assists the aerospace industry in reducing maintenance and decreasing downtime by predicting a host of factors such as oil and fuel levels, disruptive storms and mechanical conditions. This collective knowledge aids engineers in reducing liftoff error.

The Financial Services Industry

Utilizing complex credit risk models, financial companies now understand potential liabilities better than ever. Knowing what decisions might result in a severe monetary setback helps avert the potential for economic calamity.

The Energy Industry

Predictive monitoring identifies the ebb and flow of varying electricity demands. By examining factors such as weather, historical trends and capacity, plants can maximize output by focusing on the neediest territories, thus reducing the odds a homeowner loses heating and suddenly faces dangerously low temperatures.

Our ability to synthesize information is keeping people more secure than ever before. It’s clear the benefits of predictive analytics will continue playing an increasing role in critical business sectors as well as within people’s lives.

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