4 Ways to Improve Your Diesel Vehicle’s Performance

Diesel Vehicle’s Performance

If you have a diesel vehicle, you likely love the high torque performance of your engine. However, you may wonder how you can get even more power from it. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to enhance your vehicle. These are four of the best options if you want to see serious improvements.

1)     Install a Turbocharger

As you likely know, your engine creates power by combining fuel with air and exploding the mixture. For a long time, most car and truck engines simply used the air around the vehicle as-is. This is called natural aspiration.

However, there is a better option: forced induction. By adding a turbocharger to your engine, you can compress the air and bring more of it into the engine. This is a very popular option for diesel vehicles. In fact, turbodiesel engines are increasingly used by manufacturers. This is a very effective way to add more power. Plus, if you already have a turbo, you can always get a bigger one.

2)     Add a Performance Air Intake

In a similar vein, you can improve the airflow into your engine by adding a new air intake. The intake is essentially the mouth of the engine. Switching the air filter in the intake for a high-flow alternative is one of the easiest ways to increase performance.

You could also switch to a cold air intake. This is a special design that gets colder air from the atmosphere, increasing the amount of oxygen reaching the engine.

3)     Upgrade Your Fuel System

Of course, you can’t make power with air alone. If you are sucking more air into your engine, you will also need to ensure that it can get all the fuel it needs. For that, you will need a performance fuel system.

This should include upgraded components such as an AirDog fuel line and performance fuel injectors. A few upgrades to this system can make a huge difference.

4)     Consider a Tune

You may already know that your engine is controlled by a computer. Editing the software on this computer can help to improve the performance of your vehicle. This is often called a “tune.” For diesel vehicles, there are some special tuners that make changing the software easier. You can even create a setup that is perfectly customized to your driving style.

Improving your diesel vehicle’s performance can be as simple as a few upgrades. Get started today.

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