5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Electric Bike


Are you thinking about buying an electric bike?

Over the past year, more and more people have taken up cycling. If you’re someone who has always wanted to give it a try, you’ll want to buy an electric bike so you can ease yourself into the experience. If you’re a more seasoned cyclist, you’ll enjoy the diverse terrains on which electric bikes can ride.

But people also make mistakes when buying an electric bike. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 most common mistakes to avoid. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Using the Wrong Bike for Hill Climbing

Not all electric bikes work well on all terrains. If you plan on buying an electric bike to climb hills, you need to know which types of electric bikes are best for you.

First, you should know the difference between hub motors and mid-drive motors. Bikes with hub motors are only made for one speed. This allows you to bike on flat terrains well, but the motor might overheat if you try to take it up hills.

Mid-drive motors are much better for diverse terrains. The engine utilizes the bike’s gears, giving it the boost it needs to take you up hills. So, you should buy a mid-drive bike if you want to ride on a wide variety of terrains.

2. Believing Every Manufacturer’s Claims

Electric bike companies often advertise their bike’s range, battery power, and speed. However, unless these claims have been assessed and backed by a third party, they might not be accurate.

A lot goes into determining a bike’s performance. Your weight, the terrain you bike on, and the amount you pedal all impact how the bike will work for you. The best way to determine the accuracy of a company’s claims is to ask them questions and see if the research supports their methodology.

3. Not Doing Your Research On the Batteries

Not every electric bike has the same battery. Instead, the batteries range in quality, so you’ll need to know which ones work best for you.

You’ll want to look for a bike with a high wattage. The higher the wattage, the more power you’ll get out of your bike. You also need to take the continuous and peak watt ratings into consideration. This explains how much power your bike can produce in a consistent manner.

4. Not Reading Reviews

Want to know how to get the best electric bike?

If so, you need to read reviews from other people before you make your final choice. You’ll want to look at several different types. Then, compare reviews of the different types of electric bikes.

5. Not Knowing What You Want

Before you buy a bike, you should know what specifications you want.

There are many different options for your bike. You’ll want to think about your endurance, your design, and the types of tires you want. If you buy a bike that meets your specifications, you’ll probably end up liking your product better.

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Ready to Start Buying an Electric Bike?

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you’re ready to start the journey of buying an electric bike.

Finding the best electric bike is an important investment. If you know what bikes are better for your needs, you’ll stand a better chance of buying a bike you’ll love!

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