Your Low-Energy Holiday Gift Guide


Have you forgotten a last-minute holiday gift you need to buy and are you freaking out? Or do you need to buy around 547 presents for various friends and family members, and have no idea where to start?

You are far from alone! 88% of Americans find the holiday season the most stressful time of year.

And though buying gifts should be a thoughtful act of love, it can be very overwhelming. There’s the searching, the expense, not to mention the wrapping, too. But if you have a few go-to gift ideas that can work for every person on your “nice” list, it will make buying gifts a lot easier.

Stumped for suggestions? Here are some great options for some easy gifts and stocking fillers no matter who you are buying for.

Gift Cards

Gifting money seems so impersonal and thoughtless. But you also don’t want to lump an unwanted holiday gift in the laps of your loved ones, either. It gives them a new burden and the waste is bad for the environment.

So, what’s the next best thing? Gift cards! The type of gift card you get can still show that you care and know the person you are giving it to but there is some leeway with what they buy with the gift card.

Plus, you can pick them all up in one trip to the mall and don’t have to wrap anything.

Here are some popular types of gift cards you could buy for your friends and family:

  • Retail e.g. Amazon, Walmart, Target
  • Clothing e.g. Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom
  • Gaming e.g. Steam, Nintendo
  • Music e.g. Apple, Spotify
  • Movies e.g. Netflix, AMC
  • Independent e.g. Etsy,

And you could tell your loved one that if they don’t like their gift card, they can swap on an exchange site like ByteFederal.

Gift Subscription

Buying a super last-minute holiday gift? The only way you can get out of this sticky situation is by buying a gift you can get wherever you are in an instant.

Gift subscriptions are perfect for this. You can buy a certain type of physical product and get it sent to the recipient’s address over a set timeframe. Often, these gifts are for Christmas and sent every month for six to 12 months.

There is no limit to the type of gift subscription you can buy for your loved ones. Anything and everything is available nowadays. Here are some examples to give you an idea of exactly what you can choose:

  • Food e.g. hot sauce, candy, cured meats, cheese
  • Drink e.g. beer, tea, wine, coffee
  • Crafts e.g. cross stitch patterns, paint supplies
  • Flowers and plants
  • Magazines and books
  • Perfumes and essential oils
  • Skincare and make-up

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to subscription boxes. And you don’t have to gift wrap them, either!

If your loved one lives far away, you could forward the confirmation email to tell them about their gift. Or, you could write down the information on a greeting card.


Plants are available in a gift subscription but the physical item itself also makes a fantastic, low-energy holiday gift. One week before the holidays, you could take a trip to your local garden center and pick up gifts for your entire family in one day.

You are not adding a useless nick-nack to your loved one’s already cluttered houses and it will brighten any room they choose to put it in.

If you tend to be a last-minute Luke when buying holiday gifts, this idea will take the pressure off. It’s better to buy plants close to the gifting date so you don’t have to water them and they are more likely to stay looking.

Plants also do not need wrapping. Stick a bow on the pot and you’re done!

Selection of Books

Almost everyone likes to read, so why not show them that you care by buying your loved ones a selection of books for the holidays?

As long as you can think of one idea for a book, that will snowball into three or more. Websites like Amazon have “if you like this, you will also like…” suggestion boxes on product pages. This sales tactic is so useful when you want to find similar books without knowing much about the genre.

Plus, many book websites offer speedy delivery so even if the holidays are in a few days’ time, it might not be too late. And thanks to their classic rectangular shape, books are so easy to wrap.


Have you dropped the ball and do you need to buy a very nice present for a significant other or parent? A vacation, or part of a vacation, is the only way to go.

You could buy your loved one a voucher or coupon for money off a spa or hotel stay. Or, if you know they have a trip booked, you could buy them a voucher for a nice restaurant in the destination they are visiting.

Or, if you have the cash to splash, why not buy a vacation for the two of you? You can buy a package holiday on a site like Expedia so they can take care of all the logistics. It also means you could send them the confirmation email and they can see that you’ve paid for everything upfront.

Want to present your vacation present in a nicer way than sending them an email? You could print out a fake boarding pass and put it in a scarf box with all the trip information on it. Or, buy a postcard from the destination you are visiting online and put it in an envelope.

Use This Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Presents

Holidays are often stressful, worrying, and expensive but they shouldn’t be. Make it easier to buy a thoughtful holiday gift for all your loved ones by using one of these general ideas and adding a personal touch. Whether you buy it months in advance or the week before, it will be as considerate.

Your loved ones will appreciate the gift and appreciate that you are more relaxed, too.

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