6 Interesting Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair Removal Facts

You are probably considering adding laser hair removal to your grooming routine. Probably you have excess body hair or hate how excess pubic hair is sticking out of your bikini. Here are six interesting facts to brood on before your first session.

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Laser Hair Removal Facts

1. Zapping Process Not Painless, but Bearable

Laser hair removal works by directing a focused constant beam of light to the hair. The light travels through the hair shaft to the hair follicle and hair bulb. Hair follicles are made up of live cells and are responsible for hair growth. Laser light damages or destroys hair follicles using heat which means some sharp prickly pain will result.

However, the pain is bearable. A cooling mechanism accompanies the laser light, such as a cooling gel or a cold air stream.

2. Takes Time to See Results

You have to attend all follow-up sessions. Laser hair removal only works for hair in the active growth stage, which means that the incubating hair is not affected by the first treatment. You have to attend consecutive sessions to get that hair zapped. If you want to grow your hair naturally and boost it, then you need to follow some natural ways. Visit and follow the simple tips suggested by experts then there are chances that your hair will grow faster than before.

Again, you have to be patient. Good results take time. It takes at least 14 – 21 days after the initial zapping to see significant results. You’ll have to attend at least a dozen sessions before seeing full results.

3. Strictly No Gym!

Yeah, you heard that right. And not just the gym; any heat-producing activity or therapy sessions are prohibited after laser treatment.

The follicle killing heat from a laser lasts for at least a day in the follicles. Hot showers or saunas increase heat in the treated areas. Bacteria love warmth. They multiply rapidly, and the result is ugly spots.

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4. You Will Have to Deviate from Your Usual Lifestyle Patterns and Beauty Routines

There are a couple of factors that affect laser hair removal before and after treatment. Avoid direct sun exposure for long periods, which means don’t go sunbathing. If you had a prior sunburn or skin tan, wait for it to fade before going for laser hair removal.

Avoid using face scrubs and products that contain glycolic acid or retinol for at least 48 before and after laser hair treatment. Fake tans and chemical peels are to be avoided for the longest time, usually two weeks before and after treatment.

If you need to look clean for grooming purposes before the process is over, go for an everyday shave. Don’t dye, bleach or wax the hair because it hinders the laser treatment.

Consult your dermatologist for further clarification and safety guidelines.

5. Laser Hair Removal has Multiple Benefits

Laser hair treatment can be used to treat skin irritation resulting from ingrown hair. You must know how extremely itchy that can be if you have had prior experience.

Normal hair grows in a straight manner. Ingrown hair curls and pricks the skin hence the irritation. Laser hair treatment stimulates hair to grow in a straight manner.

6. Modern Laser Hair Removal Works for all Skin Complexions

In standard practice, your hair color attracts and absorbs the directed beam of light. For safer hair removal, the hair has to draw the laser beam away from the skin cells to avoid burning.

Pioneering laser hair removal machines raised many controversies since they could not be used by people with darker skin complexions or people of Asian origin. Tables have since been turned, and modern technology offers a safer option.


Laser hair removal is relatively safe for all skin tones. Although it comes with several interesting facts, don’t fear to embark on the process.

Many different kinds of scars are amenable to laser treatment, and it’s safe in the hands of a dermatologist who has passed the board exams. Visit this website for more details.

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