How To Fall Asleep Fast: The Basics Explained

Fall Asleep Fast

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder, with about 30% of adults showing short-term sleep problems. However, if you have been awake at night wanting to know how to fall asleep quickly, it may be affecting you more than you know.

A healthy adult needs seven hours of sleep. Most people can get by on eight hours of sleep. Click here to get more knowledge.

Failing to fall asleep is not only bothersome; the anxiety caused by not being able to sleep could actually make it more difficult to fall asleep in the future. As such, how can you halt this domino effect in order to catch some zzz’s?

Here are the top tips on how to fall asleep fast.

Lower the Temperature

Do you know that your body temperature lowers when you sleep and rises when you get up? If your room is heated up, chances are you’ll struggle to fall asleep. Among the things to do before bed is using a thermostat to cool it down.

If possible, take a warm or hot shower before sleeping on your zero-gravity bed. This cools down your body very fast, signaling your brain to go to sleep. Thus, improving your sleep quality and efficiency.

Get on a Schedule

Setting a sleeping schedule can also help you fall asleep easily. Your body has an internal system that signals it to be active throughout the day and sleep at night. So if you train yourself to sleep and wake up at a particular time every day, this system will maintain that schedule.

Your body adjusts to the schedule, making sleeping and waking up no longer an issue. Ensure that your sleeping schedule allows you to have enough sleep of about 7 to 9 hours every night. Enough sleep improves your thinking abilities, reduces stress, and betters your moods.

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Practice Meditation, Yoga, and Mindfulness

Falling asleep fast becomes very difficult when you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. These inhibit your sleep hormone, so the brain takes time to turn off, allowing sleep to take over. With yoga, meditation and mindfulness, rest assured to calm down your mind, relax and enjoy quality sleep.

Yoga helps improve sleep quality and duration. It gets rid of stress and anxiety in your body through the practice of body movements and breathing patterns. The benefits of doing yoga regularly can be found on the website which is full of useful info about yoga and health. Meditation encourages the production of melatonin which helps the body go to sleep easily.

Mindfulness helps you focus on getting sleep at night and being active during the day.

Turn Off All Electronics

Watching TV using mobile phones or other electronics at night makes it hard to sleep. Most of these devices emit blue light that discourages the release of the melatonin hormone. So instead of helping your brain be peaceful, they keep it active.

If you can’t avoid using your devices at night, ensure you find an effective way to block the blue light. It’s advisable to use either a blue light screen filter or blocking sunglasses.

Exercise During the Day

With proper exercises, rest assured to enjoy a healthy sleep. They decrease cortisol levels and enhance serotonin production improving sleep quality.

Be wary when working out to ensure you don’t overdo it. Excessive exercise causes tiredness and can result in poor sleep.

You Now Know How to Fall Asleep Fast

Struggling to fall asleep takes a toll on your overall body health and wellness. However, if you learn how to sleep well, this problem will no longer be an issue of concern. Above is a guide on how to fall asleep fast.

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